These Methods To Save On Your Power Invoice.


The freezer is one of the electrical appliances that consumes the most in a house (350 kWh on average over the year).

So, if we manage to reduce our consumption, these are great savings that await us on the energy bill.

But do you still have to know how to go about it.

Well know that there are plenty of tips to make it less energy consuming.

Thanks to a few good habits, you can reduce its consumption by at least 40% per year! Not bad is not it ?

Discover so all the tips to reduce the electricity consumption of your freezer.

The immediate thing to do to save energy with your freezer is to defrost it.

I assure you that this simple little trick saves a lot of electricity all year round.

Be aware that a freezer full of ice (3 mm thick) can consume up to 2 times more electricity than normal!

If you’re not sure how to go about it, check out this tip.

Defrosting every 6 months is strongly recommended.

2. Clean the grill behind the freezer

A fridge grill full of dust that consumes more electricity

Have you ever looked at the grid behind the freezer? No ?

Well I invite you to do so right away.

Since it is located in a place where we do not often clean, the grid gets dirty very quickly.

This therefore consumes more electricity to your appliance, because this is where the freezer evacuates all the heat produced.

If it’s dirty and full of dust, the freezer works harder to remove that heat.

As a result, it is more electricity consumed.

3. Do not place the freezer near a heat source

A freezer near a heat source that consumes more electricity

Are you planning to buy a fully equipped kitchen?

A little advice ; do not place the freezer near a heat source.

I speak for example next to the oven, the hob or a radiator.

Also avoid placing it near a window that lets the sun’s rays through.

Do not put it near a heat source, it allows the freezer to work less to keep the right temperature.

So it’s less energy spent.

4. Don’t leave the door open

An open freezer door that consumes a lot of electricity

So it may seem a bit basic as a suggestion, but yet it is super important.

We often have the bad habit of leaving the doors open too long when choosing food from the freezer.

Result: the temperature inside the appliance increases very quickly.

The freezer must then consume a lot of energy to return to the ideal temperature.

To avoid this problem, there is a very simple thing to do.

Remember to organize the storage of food well so as not to waste time when you take it out.

For example, avoid overloading drawers or shelves.

Otherwise, the food will be harder to take out and the freezer doors will stay open longer.

Think about it!

5. Set the freezer to the right temperature

A freezer control panel to set the right temperature to save electricity

There are ideal temperatures for storing food properly.

If we deviate from these temperature levels, we heavily overconsume.

For example, there is no point in setting the freezer temperature to -24 degrees.

A temperature of -18 is more than enough.

Same for the fridge. 4 to 5 degrees can preserve most foods without overconsuming.

If you have any doubts, you can measure the indoor temperature with a simple thermometer.

6. Replace your old freezer

An old freezer in nature that needs to be replaced to save less electricity

Old freezers have a lot of disadvantages.

Already, they are very energy-intensive.

In any case much more than those currently found on the market.

Today, there are class A+++ devices for not very expensive.

And then, old freezers have the unfortunate tendency to let fresh air escape through the joints.

Because with the wear of the device, the seals are less and less tight.

As a result, the freezer needs more energy to maintain the correct temperature.

So check that the seals are clean and in good condition.

7. Unplug the freezer when you go on vacation

A fridge plug unplugged to save electricity

Before going on vacation, make sure to consume all the items in the freezer.

That way, there’s no need for the device to work while you’re away.

If you are lucky enough to go on vacation for 3 weeks, Well, that’s 3 weeks of electricity savings.

In addition, it gives a little rest to the device.

And once unplugged, remember to leave the door open.

This prevents mold from forming.

8. Stock your freezer

A filled freezer to consume less electricity

To help your device stabilize the temperature, make sure it is never empty.

Do not hesitate to fill it at least to 3/4 of its capacity.

If the freezer is still almost empty, put water bottles in it.

Fill them 2/3 full so they don’t explode when freezing.

This technique makes it possible to better maintain the temperature even if the freezer is not filled with food.

9. Remove packaging before storing groceries

Food without cardboard packaging stored in the freezer to save energy

A freezer is made to freeze food, not packaging! (as for the fridge by the way).

So before storing them, carefully remove the boxes.

What you can possibly do is put the food in freezer bags.

This makes it easier for the device to keep the products cool.

Your turn…

Have you tried our tips for saving electricity with your freezer? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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