Issues to find out about Lewy physique dementia


5. Other early symptoms of LBD

William’s confusing set of symptoms listed in the previous slide can often lead to a misdiagnosis in patients, or take years to confirm a specific illness or disease. However, Lewy body dementia may also present with a set of symptoms more similar to Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, or dementia in other patients.

Symptoms of confusion, loss of spatial awareness, extreme fatigue, shaking hands, spasms in feet and limbs, and loss of speech, planning and reasoning skills are all key warning signs. by LBD. Vision and misunderstanding of everyday objects can also arise out of the blue.


6. Key changes in personality

Perhaps the most heartbreaking symptoms of LBD stem from large and drastic personality changes in patients. Suddenly, an independent spouse can develop anxiety or abandonment issues.

Severe depression, anxiety, and panic attacks can develop in correlation with these symptoms. Extreme mood swings, a loss of passion for certain hobbies, and even a loss of a sense of humor can be both alarming and devastating for friends and loved ones.


7. What are the causes of LBD?

Biomedical research from the UK’s National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) explains that LBD is a direct result of Lewy body protein deposits in the brain. It is the growth of abnormal proteins that causes a much faster and more progressive deterioration of brain, motor and mental functions.

According to neurologist Dr. David Burn, director of the NIHR Biomedical Research Unit, when neurons die in the cerebral cortex, dementia is diagnosed. However, when neuron death occurs in the brainstem, a combination of symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease are often determined.


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