This canine traveled 60 km in 26 days after being left behind by his house owners at a fuel station


How can you forget your dog? Many will wonder but unfortunately it can happen due to a moment of inattention, tension or whatever. This dog, for example, walked 60 kilometers home, 26 days after being forgotten by his desperate owners who were looking everywhere for him.

The seven-year-old dog, known as Dou Dou, was forgotten by his family when they stopped for a while on the highway. But the determined dog had no plans to go missing and embarked on a long journey home.

According to the Qianjiang Evening News, it all started when a man, Mr. Qiu, and his family from east China’s Hangzhou City went to the countryside to visit relatives. They took their beloved dog Dou Dou on a trip.

They stopped at a gas station about 60 kilometers from their home. According to Qui, they assumed that Dou Dou stayed in the car while the family looked after their young child. The dog was normally very good in the car.

It wasn’t until a few hours later, after reaching their final destination, that his disappearance was noticed! The next day, they returned to the gas station to find him, but saw no sign of the dog.

Mr. Qiu said: « We hoped he would survive and find a caring person to adopt him. »

Dou Dou decided not to give up and took matters into his own hands. The family were amazed when « dirty and skinny stray dog » arrived at their door almost three weeks later. They barely recognized their beloved Dou Dou.

After a few days, the sweet dog was almost completely recovered from this difficult adventure!

While Dou Dou’s story is incredible, it also serves as a warning: most animals cannot find their way home. That is why our beloved pets always need to be very well supervised when traveling and especially when taking breaks.

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