This German Shepherd Reveals He is Clearly Not A Massive Fan Of Cat Masks


Cats and dogs… What an adventure! Sometimes they love each other very much, sometimes it’s immediate war. In these cases, it is enough for the dogs to smell a cat, to see it even from afar, to pounce!

As many owners know, some dogs are very good with cats. This is also the case with the German Shepherd Kaiser. He loves the family cat!

When his owners came across a cat mask in a store, they thought he’d like it. A very bad idea unfortunately and they did not expect it…

Kaiser is a very protective dog, who can bark very loudly. Although he loves the family cat, that doesn’t automatically mean he loves all cats. And certainly not if they simply enter his domain uninvited!

You can see what happened in the video below. His owners thought it would be a good idea to surprise him with the cat mask. But Kaiser did not really appreciate the little joke, quite the contrary! In the video below, he can be seen leaping up and heading straight for the “unknown” figure.

The owner did not know how quickly to remove the mask!

See the sweet four-legged friend in action below:

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