This selfmade bleach removes all types of stains: It is a sure-fire mix


This trick will allow you to make a homemade detergent that eliminates all types of stains. It is very easy to prepare and effective. With only 4 ingredients, you will have a homemade product to whiten all white clothes.

You can test it at home, you can even use it to wash your bathroom, it removes that yellowish color that settles in the shower.

For white clothes, for example, it is not very good to use chlorine and pure bleach. Over time, they tend to turn a little yellow. With this homemade bleacher, this problem is solved. Homemade bleach washes, whitens, removes the toughest dirt and stains without damaging the fabric fiber. Therefore, the clothes do not turn yellow, on the contrary, they remain white like new.

Homemade launderer

You will need a few ingredients on hand.


1 liter of active chlorine bleach

3 tablespoons of peroxide 30 or 40 volumes

2 tablespoons of baking soda

1 tablespoon of salt

500 ml of neutral and transparent kitchen detergent

2.5 liters of cold water


First, take a plastic bowl, add room temperature water to it and start mixing the baking soda and salt. Pour the two products into the water and with patience, start stirring until everything is homogeneous. When incorporated into the water, add 3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. The same way you mixed the baking soda and salt until they melted, do the same with the hydrogen peroxide.

Then add the neutral detergent, 1 bottle of 500ml is the amount you need to use, that is, the whole bottle. Always add detergent little by little and stir continuously so that all detergent is completely incorporated into the mixture. Observe that it will cause a reaction and start to lather well. However, if the foam is very strong, use a spray bottle containing water and alcohol to calm the chemical reaction. Just spray on it and the suds will disappear quickly.

Another important detail is to choose a large basin, those of 10 liters, for example. Indeed, our mixture gives on average 4.5 liters, but during its preparation, it tends to foam a lot because of the reaction of the bicarbonate with the other ingredients. Then, once you are done mixing the detergent, it is time to start adding the bleach with the active chlorine. Do the same, remove the mixture and gradually start adding it to the bowl, still stirring, do not stop stirring. Observe that gradually, after the chemical reaction has started to stop, the mixture becomes consistent.

Final mix

Finally, after adding everything, it is still necessary to stir for 3 minutes. If there is a lot of foam, spray alcohol to lower it a bit and let this mixture sit for 24 hours. This is the time it takes for the product to complete its chemical reaction and completely reduce all foam, and then it is ready to be packaged and used. During the 24 hours of rest, it must remain in the pool, open. It is only after this time that you can wrap it, cover it and, in this case, use it.

Be aware that homemade bleach is a powerful cleaning product, and it isn’t just for washing clothes and removing stains, but can and should be used anywhere in the house. In addition to disinfecting, bleaching, bleaching, it leaves tiles and floors white.

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