that is what occurs while you put it within the detergent drawer


White vinegar in the washing machine? It may seem like a strange idea to you, but do you know what happens if you add it?

Your clothes will be perfectly clean, and white vinegar used correctly will make your clothes even softer!

Don’t miss the handy tips below.

White Vinegar in the Washing Machine: How to Use It for Soft, Clean Clothes

Vinegar is a useful ingredient for several uses and essential for household chores, a real ally of cleanliness. Ask your grandmothers!

Thanks to its disinfecting and softening properties, it is the ideal ally for white and colored clothes.

In addition, this ingredient is economical, which is not to be underestimated! Finally, it is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and very gentle on the skin.

Here are all the steps to use it correctly:

1. Sort clothes by color

The first thing to do, before switching on the appliance, is to distribute the laundry to be washed by color. Once this is done, you can add the detergent to the sink as usual.

2. Add white vinegar

Once the washing machine is loaded, dilute half a glass of white vinegar with a little water and fill the fabric softener compartment. If you use this bin, the ingredient will only be released after the detergent has been removed from the clothes.

It is important not to pour vinegar into the detergent drawer, as its acidic power could affect the cleaning effect.

Vinegar smell on washed clothes?

Here is the scented solution

For those of you who are thinking, “What about the smell of vinegar on the clothes? « . Don’t worry, because once dry, your clothes won’t smell of vinegar at all!

But if you really want to be sure that doesn’t happen, you can always add a few drops of scented essential oil inside the fabric softener tray when you add the vinegar. So your clothes will be clean, sanitized and smell good right away!

And the properties of vinegar for your clothes don’t stop there! It can also whiten yellowed clothes or help you remove sweat stains.

Simply rub vinegar diluted in warm water on the area to be treated and leave to act, then machine wash.

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