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Not everyone likes fireworks, far from it. How many animals pay the price each year? This woman shared a helpful tip for calming dogs down when fireworks are set off.

Caitlin Miller shared her handy tip on Facebook, hoping to help other dog owners and their beloved four-legged friends when there are fireworks nearby.

The young woman explained how she cut the end of the sock and then put it around the heads of her dogs. This way they felt like they were being hugged.

Miller claims his method works right away, his five-month-old Jack Russell Cookie and nine-year-old Pomchi Ruby were instantly relaxed.

She posted pictures of her two dogs wearing the improvised ‘clothes’ on Facebook, writing: « For all those whose dogs fear fireworks ».

Instead of buying stress bands or something on the Internet, just cut both ends of a sock and put them over your head so that it isn’t too tight, but comfortable. « 

« It makes them feel like they’re hugged and relaxes them. We used them last year and since fireworks season is back we’ve been using them again and I thought I had to share it with my friends. « 

His post showed the scale of this problem, with over 10,000 comments and 30,000 shares to date.

In the past, Caitlin Millie had tried several other techniques to help her dogs, but were unsuccessful. Ruby, the oldest, has been afraid of fireworks all her life. A veterinarian prescribed tranquilizers and a special dog collar, to no avail. Socks have proven to be the perfect fit and the only thing that works.

What a good idea ! Are you going to try?

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