Tiger Shark Bites Underwater Digital camera, Exhibits What It is Like To Be Eaten By A Shark


A shark encounter is a scary situation for anyone swimming in the ocean. Cinematographer Zimy Da Kid filmed what it was like to get eaten by a tiger shark – sort of – when one of the creatures devoured his underwater camera.

The images provide an exciting 360 degree view inside the shark’s mouth.

Zimy Da Kid was working on a documentary shoot near a group of sharks when one of them took an interest in the equipment and swam up to him. In a 27-second video, the shark has eaten the camera, which then takes us on an unexpected journey. We travel past its terrifying teeth and into its closed mouth with its gills on the inner lining of its throat.

Once past the confines of its jaw, the surreal view shows a smooth, ridged interior. But that’s all that happened; the shark realized the camera wasn’t food and spat it out. The cinematographer ended up with this short but amazing sequence.

Zimy Da Kid was on an expedition as part of the Deep Sea Guardians, an environmental organization that focuses on creators who use their talents to create mesmerizing images far below the surface of the water.

« Art has this unique power of being able to create emotions in people and once people start to like something, they start to care about it and protect it, » he says. “That’s exactly what I want to do through my art!

A tiger shark got curious and bit the underwater camera of cinematographer Zimy Da Kid. The video reveals rare and fascinating images:

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