Suggestions for a wholesome and stress-free trip


Eat a vegetable

With all the homemade delicacies at work and at home, it can be hard to remember to eat our veggies. Chronic ingestion of chocolate, cookies and fruit cakes can be pleasant in the moment, but can lead to fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, and even depression.

It may be necessary to plan a few meals throughout the day that include as many servings of vegetables as possible, or prepare a plate of vegetables with a dip to sit on the kitchen counter for snacking (instead of fries). By following our healthy diet, it will be easier to maintain our energy levels during the holiday season.

Go for a walk

When our social lives are busy, one of the first things to do is exercise. Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep our training commitment through school contests, house parties, and office events (and that’s okay). While it may be good for our bodies to take a break from our fitness routine, we can still reap the rewards of physical activity by going for a walk.

While walking does not share the same benefits as our Crossfit routine, it will increase oxygen uptake, elevate our heart rate, improve our mood, decrease stress, and get us fresh air.

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