Suggestions for a pet-friendly vacation season


4. Beware of poisonous Christmas plants

The pine needles on your Christmas tree, if ingested, can harm your pet’s health. They can irritate the sensitive lining of their mouth, causing injury or infection. Your pet may have vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, or tremors. Holly is another common holiday plant that can cause gastrointestinal upset if ingested by your dog or cat. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and depression. Mistletoe is even more dangerous.

In addition to gastrointestinal symptoms, it can cause breathing difficulties, erratic behavior, hallucinations, and death if swallowed. Finally, poinsettias can annoy your pets if the leaves are ingested. They can cause irritation to the mouth and stomach, or occasional diarrhea, but do not cause death.


5. Beware of the dangers of holiday lighting

Holiday lights are available in many beautiful sparkling and hanging varieties such as icicle, garland, net, curtain, and rope. Curious pets will be attracted to them. Do you have a cat or dog that likes to chew?

If they bite the cord that plugs the lights into the wall, they may receive an electric shock. This can lead to burns or even death, not to mention a fire hazard if you are not home at the time of this event.

Dogs Christmas Lights

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