Ideas for eradicating oil from kitchen partitions


Without a doubt, the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that needs the most cleaning, in fact the walls also get dirty and often oil stains splash, very difficult to remove.

That is why we have to look for different cleaning products to remove them. So, now we will see: How to remove cooking oil from the wall.

Before applying a very effective homemade trick, we must keep in mind that removing edible oil stains from the walls is a real challenge.

In addition, it is very different and easy to clean ceramic, whereas it is more complex to remove stains from a painted wall. So what should you use to clean cooking oil?

Here we will see how to remove oil stains from the wall and what to use to clean the oil:

To remove oil stains from the wall we will need:

Absorbent paper

3 clean rags

Hot vinegar

Procedure :

First of all, we are going to use gloves to be careful not to hurt our skin.

Then, with the help of absorbent paper, we clean and remove as much oil as possible.

Then we heat the vinegar. Once it is warm, we moisten one of the rags and gently wipe off the oil stains.

Then dampen another cloth with water and wipe off the vinegar residue.

Finally, with the other clean, dry cloth, dry the stains.

We can repeat this procedure as many times as necessary, the main thing being to do it until the stains have completely disappeared from the wall.

The results will be astounding!

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It is recommended not to abuse the vinegar, as it can damage the paint.

We can also use other practical options:

One of them is to use baking soda, which is very effective in removing oil stains from walls. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to a quart of hot water, dampen a sponge and rub the stain in a circular motion. Then with a clean cloth we remove the remnants of the mixture, you can repeat the process if necessary.

Another tip that we suggest is as follows, we proceed to mix one spoon of borax and one spoon of detergent for 2 liters of hot water. Then we rub the stains, wetting the sponge in the mixture and we remove the remains of dirt with a damp and clean cloth, we finish by drying well.

As a last recommendation, if the wall is white, you can use bleach. Please note that bleach is an aggressive product, so you cannot use this product on colored walls or carpeted walls.

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