Suggestions for caring for an actual Christmas tree


2. Choose the perfect place in your home

It is crucial that you place your real Christmas tree in the right place in your home. Be sure to reserve a space in a sheltered, unheated area of ​​the house. Take a few measurements before you bring it into the house and make sure it will fit into the designated area.

If you need to make room or buy your tree a little earlier, keep it cool by placing the stump in a bucket of water. The porch or garage are good places to store a tree before bringing it inside.

Measure the tree

3. Make the cut

Before you install and decorate your tree, be sure to make a straight cut through the base of the trunk, about a half inch from where it was originally cut. Next, place the trunk in a stand that gives the tree access to about a gallon of water (or more, if possible).

Why do this? Because not cutting off part of the tree trunk could prevent the tree from effectively absorbing water, causing it to dry out prematurely and become a legitimate safety and fire hazard.

Cut tree (2)

4. Select an appropriate shaft support

Don’t discount when choosing your tree stand. Choose a tree stand that will hold enough water to keep the tree hydrated throughout the holiday season. Failure to do so could dry out your tree, cause it to turn brown and become a serious fire hazard.

To determine the correct size for your tree, measure the diameter of your tree trunk in inches. If the diameter is 6 inches, you will need that number of gallons of water in your tree at all times.

Cut tree

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