Uninterested in the scent of your cat’s litter? Placed on Talc!


We, happy cat owners, have all experienced the immense joy of welcoming and cuddling a little fur ball in our home.

Joy less immense, however, because with the ball of hair came the litter, and especially its odors.

If your cat produces stinky atomic bombs too, learn how to use talcum powder to breathe again!

How to do

Here, everything is in the title. When it comes time to change your cat’s litter box, all you have to do is to pay talcum powder in clean litter.

The amount depends on the talc because, depending on the brand, it is more or less powerful, but also on the smell that your cat can « produce ». The stronger it is, the more talcum powder is needed!

Once you’ve poured, you mix with the litter, and voila!

Of course, don’t expect this trick to destroy the smell entirely.

This is not possible, or you would have to empty several pots of talc in the litter, and it could be harmful for your 4-legged friend.

The talc will however help reduce the odor of the litter box more or less effectively, depending on the amounts and, of course, depending on the cats.

Savings made

Talc to eliminate bad odors from cat litter

Because we are also there to save you money on comment-economiser.fr!

Knowing that a litter box specially designed to counter odors costs between 25 and 30 €, and that it takes about 1 and a half packets per month, using one would cost you 45 € / month.

In contrast, a 500g packet of talcum powder will cost you less than € 9. Let’s say you buy 2 (but it’s huge!) Because your cat is very « productive », that makes you 18 € / month and a saving of 2 € / month!

And if your cat is having more fun urinating everywhere, here is our solution.

Your turn…

So did this tip help you breathe again? Tell us in the comments! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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