Venus Williams Shares Her Bedtime Routine, Together with Her Canine, Efficient Skincare Routine, and Extra


Venus Williams is not just a tennis star. While you were sleeping, she ran wellness startups like Asutraa brand of self-care products, and happy viking, a plant nutrition brand; designing sportswear under her EleVen by Venus Williams brand; and running a commercial interior design business based in Florida, including, you know, competing in occasional international tennis tournaments and producing a Hollywood blockbuster.

“I do a bit of everything,” she admits on the phone. But after so many years of juggling — both tennis balls and the proverbial — she’s become an expert at prioritizing and knowing what she needs to feel good, like a good night’s sleep. « Honestly, my younger self had it, » Williams tells SELF of his more restful days of yore. Although her schedule has become a little busier, she still keeps rest as a priority: « I don’t compromise my sleep, » says Williams. “I’ve always been like that. So, younger, I’m very much in tune with me older.

Williams resides in Florida with her « needy » dog, Harry. It remained somewhat low, taking extra precautions regarding COVID-19. « The last thing you want to do is get COVID and it’s time to play the US Open and you can’t play – or you have long COVID [and] you feel tired for months,” she explains. Still, there’s plenty to keep him busy, which is why his downtime is so important. Williams also lives with Sjogren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease that can cause symptoms like dry eyes and dry mouth, according to Mayo Clinic. “Sleep is pretty important — it can make and break you if you have an autoimmune disease,” she says. « So sleep has always been non-negotiable for me, but it’s even more so now. »

Here, Williams walks SELF through her bedtime routine, including her skincare must-haves, pre-game prep, and why boundaries are an essential part of self-care.

Happy Viking Superfood Triple Chocolate Flavor

I usually like to try to hydrate a bit before bed.

My favorite is to have a tall glass of water with lemon. I’m also plant-based and try to get 90 grams of protein a day, so I haven’t consumed it all by then. I will add protein to my drink. I use Good viking proteinusually chocolate.

Part of my nightly routine is also walking the dog and he’s waiting for a snack.

There’s a lot of pressure – if I don’t give him a snack, he keeps dancing. If I want peace, I have to give him a snack. He should go to DC and be a lobbyist, I think, because his guy doesn’t stop until he has it.

Taking care of my face is a must, especially now that I’m 41.

I don’t look like I’m 41 yet, so I’m trying to freeze time here forever, until I’m, like, 80. It’s unrealistic, but I’m convinced that I can do it. Please cheer me on for the next 40 years. So I go ahead and scrub my face – it’s one of the most important steps in my routine – with a facial cleanser from Nude Skin. And then I use an exfoliating serum from Live Libations. It is made with green papaya and lime. I like the serum – I really feel like it works. The next day my skin is brighter.

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Living Libations Green Papaya & Lime AHA Mask

I like to moisturize all my skin before I go to bed, because it’s the perfect time: you’re sleeping, so your body can regenerate during the night and you wake up with beautiful skin instead of that horrible dry skin. . I use Asutra Melting Body Butter with lavender because lavender is so soothing. Then I also use a lavender body oil. I like to put the cream on first because it has water in it, then you seal in the moisture with the oil on top. And for the last step, because I’m African American, I use castor oil on my hair.

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