Volunteer concepts to provide again this vacation season


9. Dog Days of Charity Work

It’s a dog’s life to want to please others. So, get inspired by your precious pooch and share the inspiration of owning a pet with others. Many organized charity walks and races invite participants to bring a pet for the trot.

In addition, the presence of a furry friend often lifts the morale of others. You dress up as Santa Claus and volunteer with your pooch (dressed as an elf or reindeer). Visit your local children’s hospital or home for the aged (with permission) to bring some holiday cheer to those who may be lonely and miss their own pets.

10. Thank a soldier

The men and women who have served, and are serving, in our military deserve gratitude beyond Veterans Day (or Remembrance Day in Canada). Spread a few thanks in time for the holidays by sending a care package to soldiers and service members stationed far from home.

Take the time to write a heartfelt note of thanks and remembrance. Contact the non-profit organizations that organize the shipment of care packages to soldiers and veterans (ie Operation Gratitude). You can find many more through a quick, geographically focused Google search.

11. Give time and mentorship

We all have a personal and specialized skill set that might benefit someone else. Maybe you’re a math wizard or a talent with taxes. Maybe you write a nasty resume or cover letter, or you can help with college applications.

Make your community and those who live there feel empowered by volunteering your time to mentor local schoolchildren, students, reading to the elderly, or chatting with recent immigrants in a new language. Believe me; your community has a mentoring program hungry for your skills!

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