Watch now: A mini-band exercise for runners that can problem all of your butt muscle tissue


Strength training is a must for runners, whether your goal is to go faster, prevent injury, or simply help your miles feel easier. And this mini strip workout for runners is a great routine to incorporate into your program to reap the benefits.

In this video, which is the next installment in Sweat With SELF’s Fitness for Runners series, you’ll undertake a lower body and core workout that only requires a mini group. Randi Ormea certified running coach and personal trainer, and a trainer Quan Bailey guide you through a routine focused on stimulating the small muscles in your lower body, specifically your hip abductors or the smallest two of your three glute muscles. These muscles, which make up your lateral buttocks, are very important for stabilization and play a big role while running.

Your hip abductor muscles (the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus) work mostly in exercises in the frontal plane of motion – think of a sideways motion, like with a sideways shuffle. Your gluteus maximus (largest gluteal muscle), on the other hand, works primarily when you move in the sagittal plane, or a back and forth motion (like a squat). In this mini band workout for runners, you’ll work in both planes of motion for a complete workout that activates every part of your butt.

Moves like the side band walk, standing leg extension, and side lying leg extension will focus on your hip abductors, while exercises like the glute bridge and glute walk forward monster hit your gluteus maximus. And the glute bridge hold with abduction combines both planes of motion to work all your glutes in one motion!

This routine is also heavy on single-leg work — with moves like the taped knee raise — which helps your body get used to the single-leg aspect of running. Every time you push off the floor, you’re working unilaterally, which makes it even more important to develop those stabilizing muscles in your butt.

So grab a mini band – the thicker the band the more resistance it will give – set aside 20 minutes and get ready to strengthen your butt and improve your running form!


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