All of us have this little scar on our arm: This is what it means


Some scars in our body can tell stories from the past and others suddenly appear on our skin without our knowing their history. This is the case with this little scar which is on our left arm and which we do not know its significance. Discover through this article, its real meaning.


The little round scar that almost all of us have on our left arm usually is the smallpox vaccine scar. Before 1970, this vaccine was widely used. We used the virus live vaccine to trigger an immune response that would protect people vaccinated against the smallpox virus. After the vaccination, swelling and irritation form on this area and a kind of outer layer appears on the arm within a few weeks when the blisters deflate.

Have you ever noticed this little scar?

To pass the vaccine, a needle penetrates the skin and plunges the live vaccine virus into a person’s arm several times. Each time the needle passes through the skin, the vaccine spreads and swells and swellings then form. It is for this reason that the scars are extensive.

Immediately after administration of the vaccine, a small magnification appears on the area of ​​the skin which persists for a period of up to 6 to 8 hours. This swelling goes away and this area returns to normal two months later. The swelling that appears looks like a mosquito bite.

This part then begins to deflate and forms a pimple which releases some fluid and forms an ulcer. The latter heals by forming a scar. The duration of this complete process can take anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks, but there are even periods when this process of ulceration and recovery recurs 2-3 times.

Smallpox, the disease which caused serious illness and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, fortunately disappeared in almost all countries of the Western world after the early 1970s. Vaccination is no longer necessary except for those who are are planning trips to a country where the virus is still present. Vaccination against smallpox has been permanently suspended in some countries around the world.

Here is a list of foods that promote scar healing:

Foods rich in vitamin A: Carrot, spinach, potatoes, apricot, melon and pumpkin.
Foods rich in vitamin C: citrus fruits, kiwi, peppers, red berries, parsley and broccoli.
Foods rich in silicon: cucumber, avocado, onion, beet, leeks and alfalfa.

You can also prepare natural creams with ingredients with healing properties, like Aloe Vera, honey, olive oil, propolis, lavender essential oil, rosehip oil and vitamin E.

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