We discovered a less expensive and odorless different to white vinegar!


Cleanser, descaler, stain remover and deodorizer, white vinegar lives up to its title of miracle product! In the household products department, it is one of the most economical and ecological options for the maintenance of all surfaces in the house. When you decide to get rid of chemicals to make a greener household, it’s hard to miss this cleaning product which, with baking soda, far exceeds all the others (black soap, Marseille soap, soda crystals, lemon juice, sodium percarbonate, etc.) in the hearts of men and women. What if there was a very effective alternative to white vinegar?

White vinegar, a product not without flaws?

The least we can say is that this product is far from unanimous. Already, it must be said that in the trade, it is generally bought in a plastic bottle. We are therefore far from zero wastejust as important as adopting ecological cleaning to take care of our beautiful planet… Moreover, its harsh smell particular puts off more than one. This is also an argument often used by people who do not dare to start. And we understand them! Even if the smell eventually disappears, you can hesitate twice before using it to soften your laundry and clean your house with it.

An even more ecological alternative to white vinegar!

To replace the vinegar, you can use a citric acid solution, the latter having the same properties as vinegar. Easy to find in organic stores or specialized in bulk as well as in DIY stores, it also has the advantage of being sold in cardboard or kraft paper pouches. However, these are recyclable materials which therefore far surpass the plastic container of vinegar. Since it is a powder, however, care must be taken to prepare a small mixture before it can be used.

Recipe :

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To do this, get a glass bottle or a spray bottle. To facilitate mixing, a funnel is also a plus. And as for the ingredients, it is enough to take a liter of water and 2 tablespoons of citric acid. The rest is child’s play! Fill its container with water and add the white powder inside. Then, close the bottle and mix well. We then obtain an equivalent to 12% commercial white vinegar. And since we use little powder each time, the package lasts a long time and we find ourselves there very quickly in terms of cost. Economical, ecological, odorless and easy to preparethis alternative to vinegar has it all:

What if you don’t want to do without vinegar?

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No need for an alternative, because all the little « flaws » of white vinegar are very easy to circumvent. We can already fill up in the nearest bulk store ! Just bring your glass bottle to fill and your canvas bag for easier transport. Thus, we no longer buy polluting plastic containers.

As for the smell, it can very easily be improved by macerating spices (cinnamon, clove, etc.), plants (mint, rose, rosemary, etc.) or even citrus peel (lemon , orange, grapefruit, etc.) in its vinegar. After two weeks, his bad smell will only be a bad memory. Try the lemon-mint combination, our favorite. When the good weather returns, its refreshing mojito smell will surely make spring cleaning more fun!

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