What are the totally different kinds of sweeps?


There are ten ways to achieve the gradient. In addition to the types of gradient, there are various colors, varied and which are specific to types of hair. Each color is different from the others, and is more matched with one hair rather than another. On hair colorings, the last few years have been very prolific, new hair colorings have abounded. Every year, new types of color are emerging. Balayage remains the most widely used coloring method around the world in this second decade of the 21st century. And for good reason, it is as easy to set up as it is accessible for the majority of women who want to give their hair a new lease of life. But balayage isn’t the only coloring method, there are many more that we’re about to list here to give you the big picture,

Tie & Dye an option to seriously consider

Tie & Dye is a type of balayage that is based on two colors. The dark color is on the side of the hairline. The body of the hair him, brightens in gradation in a brutal way to quickly reach the light color. To make a correct Tie & Dye, it is therefore necessary to carefully select the color to be affixed to the hair. Here, it is important to know that the colors to be affixed are only two distinct tones of the same color. Hence the fact that the model actually chooses only one color, but it is still available in two shades on the hair.

The most popular hair colors for Tie & Dye :


It is a color closer to caramel than coffee. We perceive the nuances and light reflections specific to the coffee bean, but also caramel. The majority of girls agree that colors inspired by nature are more compatible with hair coloring than artificial colors. They say they have difficulty accepting extravagant colors, because they draw too much attention to themselves for their taste. The caramel shade is a shade that can be used in Tie & Dye, but not only. It is found and behaves very well during a sweep or even more than a simple pose.

Green Blue

The green-blue which is a rather rare color to be worn in Tie & Dye also has its community of discreet amateurs. Its color scheme is pleasing although it is garish and clearly intrusive. Several amateurs of this color admit to reserving it for the summer holidays because it risks causing them some problems with their collaborators in the professional environment. They appreciate this color for its liveliness as well as for its variation of shade considered beautiful, because making a transition between two colors which are already very fresh taken individually.

Fluorescent green algae

Green is a color that is quite difficult to wear given its unusual nature and tendency to point out the wearer from afar. It nevertheless represents a safe and interesting alternative to the usual colors that we quickly tire of. This color must be maintained and protected with care, because of its relatively fragile character. The color changes quickly on prolonged contact with the sun.


Blond is not a color that suits all skin tones and to all the colors of eyes. This is a strategic choice to be made. Before you start, ask your hairdresser for his opinion on the matter. He is trained to be able to see at first glance whether you are made for blond or not. If so, take the plunge you won’t regret it. Blond is particularly recommended in summer. The clear color reflects the sun’s rays and prevents the temperature from reaching levels that are difficult to manage under the pod.


Burgundy is a highly respected noble color of all the women who know about refinement. We love it for its delicate glowing reflections subtly amalgamated with the depth of black that reigns at the roots of the hair. Burgundy, as the image suggests, is rarely worn in Tie & Dye, it is more readily worn evenly over the entire length of the hair. It is only then that the light strands will be more evident, and that the burgundy will be able to unfold all its splendor.


Dare the difference of simplicity. Black is the noble color among the colors. And we can easily verify this by realizing that this color goes to everyone in addition to never getting dirty, when it comes to clothing, and never changing when it is exposed to the sun when it is question of hair coloring. If your hair is already dark, but all it needs is a little touch to access the perfect black, help nature a little and take the plunge of your hair salon with this color in your mouth.


Naturally rare, the red is for this reason very sought after. This color is often worn with curly hair, to which it pairs beautifully. But straight hair like an I can also benefit. There are various shades of red, just be sure to choose yours taking into account the natural color of your skin as well as that of your eyes.

Ombre hair, the choice of wisdom

If this is your first time, then tell yourself that it is better to opt for a lighter version of the Tie & Dye, the Ombré hair. It is exactly the same type of coloring, except for this shade and not the least, it is that the color is more discreet with regard to Ombré hair, and the demarcation between the two shades of the color more difficult to distinguish. This alternative will give you a first idea of ​​the effect that such coloring could have on your hair and thus help you decide if you want to move on to the next step or if you want to leave it there.

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