What are the issues that cats see that we do not?


Cats are known to be keen observers and possess highly developed senses. But did you know that they perceive things that we humans are not able to see?

First of all, it is important to point out that the vision of cats is very different from ours. They have side vision, which allows them to see ahead and behind them simultaneously with great precision. They also have pupils that widen and narrow rapidly depending on the light, allowing them to see better in the dark. Indeed, cats are able to see in low light conditions up to six times better than humans.

In addition, cats have the ability to see very fast movements and small details thanks to their specialized eye for the perception of movements, called “optic bulb”. This part of the eye allows them to easily follow the movements of their prey, even if they are very fast.

Finally, cats can also perceive certain frequencies of light that we are not able to see, such as ultraviolet light. This ability allows them to better see bloodstains and marks left by other animals, which is useful to them when hunting and moving through their environment.

In summary, cats see things that we are not able to see thanks to their side vision, their ability to perceive very fast movements and frequencies of light that we cannot see. This allows them to better adapt to their environment and hunt effectively. If you have a cat, you can be sure that it is observing everything that is going on around it, even if you cannot see it.

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