What Do the Symbols on the Washing Machine Imply? The Indispensable Information!


Sometimes it even seems that our washing machine speaks a foreign language!

And yet all these little acronyms are very useful in choosing the right washing program.

Do not panic ! Here is a simple practical guide to understand their meaning.

You will see, it is very easy. Look :

1. Cotton ball or flower

This small cotton ball means that the cotton fabric can be washed.

It could be laundry that you wear every day, like t-shirts. In this case, we wash them at 40 °.

But it can also be sheets that are washed at 60 ° or tea towels with a 90 ° program.

Besides a large temperature range, this program has another particularity.

The drum turns quickly and often.

As a result, this program cleans really well.

2. Flask

The program symbolized by a small vial is intended for synthetic clothing.

It can be acrylic, polyamide or viscose. In short, all these modern fabrics!

The temperature can range from cold to 60 °.

3. Ball of yarn

Unsurprisingly, this little ball of yarn indicates that the program is dedicated to your woolens.

The water temperature is low or even cold.

And the spin is low so as not to damage your woolen sweaters.

4. Leaves

Some machines like the Hoover for example have this pictogram: two small sheets.

They designate an ecological program.

The program selects a low temperature and a short duration.

If you want to save electricity, this program is perfect.

It is effective for lightly soiled laundry and for small loads.

5. Snowflake

The snowflake indicates a cold water program.

Very practical for delicate laundry but also for colored clothes that may rub off easily.

It can also be used to rinse new clothes that you have just purchased.

6. Bowl with one hand

This acronym represents a person washing clothes by hand.

We logically deduce that this program is the one that comes closest to washing by hand.

It is well suited for delicate textiles.

The drum moves little. Spinning is weak or even nonexistent.

And the water temperature is cold.

7. Vial with a t-shirt

As soon as you see this little vial, you have to think of « synthetic clothing ».

In this specific case, the t-shirt symbolizes sports clothing.

The cycle is shorter and you can choose the temperature: from cold to 60 °.

8. A vial and a t-shirt

This program allows you to mix the laundry (cotton and synthetic).

You can also mix clothes of different colors.

The water temperature is therefore not too high.

9. Key

The key indicates that the machine door is locked.

We can’t open it.

This device is automatically activated when a washing program is started.

But it can also be selected manually.

It is a safety lock for children.

Very practical to prevent children from opening the washing machine!

10. Iron

This symbol means that the washing is more intensive.

This special program is chosen after having selected the washing program.

Please note, it is not suitable for delicate laundry.

11. Basin with a jet of water

This basin with a water jet indicates that you simply select a rinse program.

The laundry is not washed. So there is no need to put detergent in the detergent drawer.

12. Basin filled with down arrow

This symbol is used to drain your washing machine.

This means that it will empty the water that is in the drum of the machine.

This can be useful when soaking laundry in the machine.

Like sheets: it is advisable to let them soak overnight in cold water to relax the fibers.

In this case, the washing program is stopped at night so that the laundry can soak in the drum.

And in the morning, we activate the « drain » option. And the washing machine drains all its water.

13. Basin marked « pre »

This logo on the small basin means that you select a pre-wash option.

It is very interesting for heavily soiled laundry which requires thorough washing.

In this case, it is advisable to put a dose of detergent in the wash compartment and another in the pre-wash compartment.

14. Basin filled with water

This small basin filled with water means that the selected program insists on rinsing.

The rinsing cycle is therefore longer.

This is a great option if you have laundry allergies or have sensitive skin.

As the rinse takes longer and uses more water, detergent residues are better removed.

And it is important not to have any traces of laundry, especially on baby’s laundry.

15. Quilts

This is the maximum capacity program! This is the one you should choose for washing the quilts or comforters.

In short, everything that takes up a lot of space in the machine.

16. Bottle

This small bottle sometimes accompanied by a pacifier is the special program for baby laundry.

It washes babies’ clothes at 60 °, which allows them to be thoroughly disinfected.

17. Trousers

On some machines, you see this pictogram: a pair of pants.

It actually represents jeans.

And you guessed it, this is the right program for washing your jeans.

18. Tourbillon

Is your laundry not spun enough at the end of the wash cycle?

It can happen with sheets in particular.

In this case, select this program for an additional spin phase to start.

19. Feather or butterfly

If you have delicate laundry this type of program is perfectly suited.

It gently cleans all delicate textiles.

It can be lingerie, curtains, curtains …

The temperature for this program is low: 20 ° or even 30 ° maximum depending on the machines.

20. Time dial

This time dial that looks like a clock or a watch is the program self-timer.

It allows you to program a machine later in the day.

Very practical for starting a machine at night or during off-peak hours during the day.

This option can also be symbolized by an hourglass.

Special acronyms

The acronyms are very different from one brand of washing machine to another. Some have specific symbols.

Here are a few that you can find on your washing line.

21. T-shirt with racket or basketball

Some machine brands display a special logo for sportswear.

This is a short program of 29/30 min at 40 °, suitable for synthetic fibers.

It allows you to quickly wash your favorite sports outfit without having to do a big laundry.

22. T-shirt and steam jet

It is a program that uses a jet of steam to refresh a t-shirt.

Perfect when you’re in a hurry and you don’t have time to wait for the laundry to dry.

23. Sheets with 14 ‘/ 30’ / 44 ‘

It is faster washing but environmentally friendly.

24. Weight with the mention kilo

Some washing machines have the ability to automatically detect the load of laundry to be washed.

They adapt the program accordingly.

What about the symbols for the laundry tub?

These symbols are not on the front of the washing machine.

They are on the drawer that we open to put the laundry.

25. Basin with a line

This small basin is represented with a line in the middle.

This is arguably the most important place in your washing machine.

Why ? Because that’s where you put your liquid detergent or your washing powder.

Be careful, if you use capsules laundry detergent, they must be put directly into the drum of the machine with the soiled laundry.

26. Basin with two lines

We use the tray with the basin which has two lines in the center when the laundry is very dirty.

It allows you to pre-wash the laundry.

We put a dose of detergent in it which already cleans some of the stains.

The second wash removes the rest of the stains and dirt.

27. Flower

Are you a fan of fabric softener?

So it is in this tub with a flower that you must put it to have a very soft cloth.

It is only used at the end of the cycle. That’s why your laundry smells great when you take it out of the machine.

Note that this is also where you should put starch or perfume so that your laundry smells good.

There you go, now you know what the Bosch, Indesit, Candy, Whirlpool or Electrolux washing machine symbols mean.

Your turn…

Do you know of any other symbols that appear on your washing machine? Share their meaning with us in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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