What does the size of your hair reveal about your persona?


It’s known ! When a woman is feeling « down » or gloomy, she has two options: either she goes shopping for a makeover, or she goes to her hairdresser for a hair change. But did you know that your hairstyle can reveal many clues about your personality and character traits? This is in any case what reveals Jean Haner, expert in facial reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face. It explains what the hair says about the person. Hairstyle, color, length…Here are the hidden meanings. Are you ready, ladies? Decryption!

Have you ever wanted to completely change your look? It is a desire that often takes us on a whim or after a significant event in our life. Sometimes it is enough to cut your hair to symbolize the end of a period and the beginning of a new chapter in our history. Goodbye to the old version of ourselves and hello to the freshly updated new version.

Woman and hair: your coloring says a lot about your personality!

When we decide to change hair color, our choice is not made lightly and we are far from selecting a color at random, right ladies? Indeed, everything depends on our personality, we are naturally attracted to shades more than others. This is why scientists have looked into the matter and discovered that the color of our hair is indicative of our character traits. Explanation !

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  1. Blond hair

It used to be that the whole world considered blonde women to be a bit silly, but that has changed, and luckily that has changed! Today we realized that they are intelligent and endowed with a very funny personality. Moreover, we can cite icons of beauty, blondes moreover, like the flamboyant Marilyn Monroe or the sensual Adriana Karembeu. What’s more, this color is also associated with innocence and romance.

Red hair

  1. Red hair

Being a redhead means having an artistic soul and being full of creative ideas! Women with this hair color are considered spontaneous, romantic, fun and proud of themselves. Their passionate temperament and their femininity make men fantasize.

Brown hair

  1. Brown hair

Brunette women are often very smart and hardworking! They don’t count on their appearance to succeed, and they are naturally very confident and know very well what they want. Brown hair is also associated with stability and reliability.

Dark hair

  1. Dark hair

Black hair color is associated with spirituality and mystery. If you have black hair, you will often be said to be good advisers and have a listening ear. You know very well what you want from life and do not hesitate to affirm it!

Grey hair

  1. Grey hair

Gray hair color is associated with femininity, sophistication and elegance. If you have gray hair, know that you are admired for your difference and that you are considered to be at the forefront of the trend.

To tie your hair

Did you know that your hair can speak for you? In fact, Stéphane Bodin, studio hairdresser, explains for Madame Le Figaro that hair is a kind of adornment and an accessory that allows us to express ourselves as we wish. Women who therefore opt for a clear face and a high hairstyle tend to assert themselves and assume themselves, unlike those who have hair close to the face and who are rather reserved. So let’s do a little overview to better understand.

  1. Smooth curls

If you straighten your curls, it reflects a desire for discipline, whether for your hair or in your life in general! Moreover, it can also be a sign that you want to match traditional beauty standards. And let’s face it, we all dream of the hair we don’t have, hence the attraction for afro cuts, which are more and more trendy lately…

  1. Hair down

If you let your hair down, it shows that you are free and don’t like being constrained. You are warm and very open-minded.

  1. Tied hair or ponytail

If you tie your hair in a bun or a ponytail, we could very quickly understand that you do not believe in chance! Moreover, you tend to be authoritarian and the unexpected has no place in your daily life. That said, if you are a follower of the unstructured bun, it shows your frankness and your spontaneity.

  1. Fringe

Have you been wearing bangs since your high school days? If so, you are a shy person, but still able to take up challenges. Basically, this kind of hairstyle reflects your great sensitivity and your desire to be discreet.

  1. Original hairstyle

If you like bold hairstyles, that explains why you take life lightly. In other words, you want to have fun, relax and stand out all the time.

What is the right hair length to adopt according to our personality?

Short hair vs long hair

Whether you’re a fan of short hair or long hair, the length of your mane is more than just a trick to polish your look! For our expert Jean Haner, this reveals a lot about your personality!

  1. Long hair

Who says long hair says free, romantic and creative soul who likes to express themselves through their appearance! Your middle name? Self-confidence ! You are therefore considered to have a lot of femininity and elegance. However, it seems that you can be impulsive sometimes… but that is by far your biggest flaw!

  1. Edge

A woman with a square is a bold and independent but also logical woman! You are therefore sociable and very extroverted… and you are considered to be a reliable and trustworthy person! When it comes to your character traits, your shoulder-length hair puts you somewhere between wild and conservative. But in principle, you are thought to be a down-to-earth, easy-going woman with an undeniable sense of humor!

  1. Short hair

Competent, independent and very realistic, that’s what people think of you if you’re a fan of short hair! Your hairstyle reflects, in fact, your efficiency and your sense of organization. But contrary to popular belief, you are the fairly reserved, conservative type who does not really care about the things in life or take the lead with your appearance.

In this video, Céline Deflandre explains a little about how your personality and your character traits can be translated according to your haircut:

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Your hair is a reflection of your personality and your lifestyle! So whether you fancy a super chic cropped bob or messy-looking long hair that borders on the wild…how you style it says a lot about your character! Remember, ladies, your hair is a kind of blank canvas for you to express your individuality. Use this quality wisely!

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