What’s the Automobile Air Recirculation Button for?


It’s true that we wonder when to use it

And it’s important to know this to drive safely.

So in order not to take any risks when I drive, I asked the question to my mechanic.

And what he answered me is very clear.

It is formal. In some cases, especially in winter, this button should not be activated. Here’s why :

How does the air recirculation button work?

The air recirculation button in a car

This button is symbolized by an arrow which turns on itself.

It is very easy to use.

Just press it to turn it on.

What happens then?

Normally, the air circulating in the car comes from outside.

But when you press this button, the air comes from inside the vehicle.

This air passes through the ventilation system which heats or cools it, as needed.

Then, the air vents diffuse it again into the passenger compartment of the car.

This button can lead to a risk of CO2 poisoning

A dangerous button in a car

By pressing this button, we understand that the air is no longer renewed.

He is simply recycled.

And so, both passengers and driver breathe the same air.

What does that mean ?

This means that of CO2 accumulates in the car.

You can imagine the consequences if this function is used for too long.

CO2 continues to accumulate in the cabin in large quantities.

Too much CO2 increases the risk of drowsiness.

And it can also reduce the driver’s concentration.

Terrible for safety when driving!

Why shouldn’t this button be pressed in winter?

A car button with a green light

In winter, the objective is often to be warm in the car.

We put the heating on full and above all we leave the windows closed to keep the heat inside.

You see what I mean ?

If air recirculation is activated, CO2 builds up especially since the vehicle is not aired.

On the contrary…

the danger is therefore greater to be poisoned by CO2.

But as if that were not enough, another problem awaits the driver.

The air recycling system promotes humidity inside.

And droplets and fog will form on the car windshield and windows.

So in addition to being more tired, we see less well.

It must be admitted that these are not ideal driving conditions for safety!

This is why it is better Avoid using this button in winter.

Or, you can switch it on for a very short period of time.

When to use this airflow button safe?

A road filled with a traffic jam

This function remains useful and practical so as not to breathe excessively polluted air.

It can be used from punctually in the following situations:

– when going through a tunnel

– when an outside odor is very bothersome

– when following a vehicle that smells bad

– when you’re in traffic

– when crossing a site a priori polluted like an industrial area

– when driving on a dirt and dusty road

– when you are allergic to pollen and you cross a rural area

It also preserves the air filter, which clogs less.

It is interesting to activate it also when we put aircon the summer.

The air cools faster and therefore consumes less fuel.

But in any case, avoid using it for a long time.

Moreover, in certain cars (BMW, Peugeot, etc.), air recycling is automatically cut off after a certain time.

Your turn…

And you, are you used to using the air recirculation button in the car? Tell us in the comments to know when you use it. We can’t wait to read you!

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