What’s the Cutter Tip used for? It has a Tremendous Helpful Secret Perform.


Do you know how to have an always sharp cutter blade without having to change it completely?

Well, look at the end of the cutter.

You know, the dark part at the end of the little carving tool.

Jean-Paul, the painter who redid my living room recently explained to me how to use it well.

Because it allows you to cut a piece of blade cleanly without having to change it entirely.

Here’s the trick to always having a blade that cuts perfectly. Look :

1. Pull out the dull blade two or three sections.

4. Tuck in the rest so that only the part to be removed comes out.

5. Flip the cutter.

6. Pick up the end, it is often a darker color than the rest of the cutter and has a slit.

7. Push the blade into the slot.

8. Break it with a sharp blow.

And There you go ! You have a cutter blade again that cuts in the blink of an eye 🙂

Easy, fast and effective, right?

No need to buy one!

You have a new blade ready to use.

And all this without the need for any additional tools. Nor the slightest piece of scrap metal that jumps everywhere.

Why does it work?

The end of the cutter has a small slit that fits the blade snugly.

It is studied for!

This allows you to break a section cleanly.

Because I’m sure you have noticed that it is divided into small sections. And each section represents a new sharpened blade.

Personally, I put tape to « stick » any metal shards that could jump on impact.

It’s extra security, but you can never be too careful.

Why shouldn’t the blade be broken?

When cutting wallpaper, you need a perfectly sharp blade.

There’s nothing worse than a cutter that rips the paper off instead of cutting it clean.

When the blade dulls, caught in the heat of the action, we tend to break it by pressing it against a wall or on the ground.

Fatal error !

For what ?

Because the blade can burst without cutting itself clean.

Result: it is not usable and in addition, there is a risk of metal debris flying into the eyes.

This is why we always recommend the use of the small tool located at the end of the cutter.

At least the cut is neat, clean, and free of debris.

A blade that lasts 7 times longer!

You know now, the blades of cutter have 8 cuttable sections.

This allows you to always have a cutter that cuts very well.

On one condition: trim it correctly with the end of the cutter.

Thus, no need to change the entire blade each time!

A nice saving, especially when you see the price of DIY materials.

Your turn…

Have you tested this trick to use the end of the cutter? Comment in the comments to find out if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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