What’s the gap within the deal with of the vacuum cleaner used for?


Nope ? So, I explain its little-known usefulness here.

You will see, you will now use it and it will change the way you do housework.

And at the same time extend the life of your device by preventing overheating.

A small hatch and 3 advantages that I am revealing to you now. Look :

1. Controls the power of the vacuum cleaner

A powerful blue vacuum cleaner

Having a very powerful vacuum cleaner is great.

But sometimes you don’t need as much power to clean certain rooms or surfaces.

Because you could suck up small objects or damage fragile fabrics or carpets without wanting to.

So what to do in this case?

Rest assured, no need to have 2 devices of different powers!

Just slightly open the small hatch on the handle of the vacuum cleaner.

This allows a small hole to appear.

The more it is opened, the more the suction power decreases.

So when you need to better manage the suction depending on the surfaces, open the small hole on the handle.

2. Allows you to loosen a « swallowed » object

Different objects of a vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner always tends to swallow the most unusual objects!

And if possible, the bulkiest!

Socks, dog toy, jewelry, Lego and so on…

The problem is that if the object is too big, it clogs the pipe.

Consequence: it no longer sucks at all.

Fortunately, there is the famous little hole in the handle!

Just open the hole on the pipe to remove the swallowed object before it ends up in the bag in the middle of the dust.

3. Avoid overheating

A vacuum cleaner on a carpet

When you use your vacuum cleaner for a long time, the device can start to heat up.

Especially when you vacuum the sofa or car seats for example.

You can hear the sound of the vacuum completely saturated…I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Closing the suction paths with the fabric forces the vacuum cleaner to force a lot more.

The result: the engine heats up.

To avoid this, just open the hole slightly, adapting the opening as needed.

The air then enters the device more easily. It relieves and cools the engine.

Do not hesitate to activate this function to reduce overheating.

This prolongs the life of the device.

5 tips for a vacuum cleaner that sucks well

The nozzle of a purple vacuum cleaner on a burgundy carpet

To optimize the operation of your vacuum cleaner, remember to:

– clean the brush to get rid of fluff that clogs it;

– empty the bag regularly;

– clean the dust container;

– dust the pipe;

– change the filters.

I advise you to do a complete cleaning regularly : at least once a month.

And this is valid for all types of vacuum cleaners: Bosch, Dyson, Rowenta, Bissell…

Your turn…

Have you tested this trick to properly use the hole in the handle of the vacuum cleaner? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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