what’s the proportion of French girls who follow sodomy?


A new study conducted by Ifop tells us more about the sexuality of the French and Europeans.

Would French women be particularly fond of … sodomy? While the first part of the study European Observatory of Female Sexuality, led by Ifop and unveiled this Friday, September 3, describes women in France as most sexually unsatisfied in all of Europe (35%, much more than in northern countries like Germany (23%) or the United Kingdom (27%)), another point of the survey calls out.

Indeed, the French women would at the same time be the continental « champions » of sodomy, since they are now more than 50% say they have already experienced various forms of anal sex during their lifetime. More than in any other European country.

« Sodomy has become very commonplace over the past 50 years »

In France, « sodomy has become very commonplace over the past 50 years » indicates the study conducted by Ifop. According to data compiled by the institute, 51% of French women say they are now initiated into anal sex, compared to 43% in Germany, 35 in the United Kingdom, 47 in Italy and 48 in Spain. Figures that tend to demonstrate « a greater trivialization of passive anal practices in Latin countries », can we read in a press release.

In detail, 51% of French women say they have already been penetrated by the sex of their partner (against only 14% in 1970), 29% say they have already had their anus licked, and 29% have already seen their partner ejaculate. in their anus.

Men also concerned

But that’s not all: anal sex is also democratizing among men. 22% of women aged 18 to 69 who have had sex with a man surveyed by Ifop say they have already inserted a finger into their partner’s anus. 17% have already licked their partner’s anus, and 12% have penetrated it with an object.

Statistically, the French people initiated into anal sex are mainly men between 40 and 60 years old, with a high level of qualification and belonging to the so-called « higher » socio-professional categories, with incomes above 2000 euros net per month. .

« Tending to shatter preconceived ideas about heterosexual sexuality, these data show that if intimate relationships between men and women remain dominated by a gender polarity, ‘fickleness’ is now a more common situation than shown, for example, by mainstream pornography « , judge, in reaction to these figures, François Kraus, director of the « Gender, sexualities and sexual health » expertise at Ifop.

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