What’s the small pocket on the entrance of your denims for?



Located at the back of the jeans, this pocket is so small that it can only hold a metro ticket or a few coins. Suffice to say, it’s a real mystery. However, it was not put there by chance. It even has a very specific use. Want to find out? A little dive into the intriguing history of Levi’s jeans.

This is how Levi Strauss, the pioneer brand in the production of jeans, explains it on his blog:  » The first jeans had four pockets, only one in the back and two in the front, plus the small pocket for the watch “.
This pocket, first incorporated at the end of the 19th century, was therefore intended to store the pocket watch. At that time, this accessory was very popular among « cowboys », who wore it hanging from a vest chain and placed it on their waist. Over time,  » this pocket has been used to store many things: from condoms to coins to matches, keys and tickets or anything small“, explains the Levi Strauss label.

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The American company also specifies the origin of other components of jeans that we tend to overlook, such as copper rivets. Far from being a simple aesthetic detail, as many people thought, they actually fulfill a real function.

In 1871, Jacob Davis, an immigrant from Latvia, was the first to use rivets while working as a tailor in Reno, Nevada. At that time, miners, ranchers and field workers constantly tore their pants by accident, especially the pockets when storing tools. Davis decided to try the metal rivets, then used in the stables, to secure the ends of the different parts of the pants. This is how he realized their great resistance: a truly ingenious discovery!

Recently, a video of old jeans spread on social networks: an American businessman, Brent Underwood, found a real nugget, Levi’s c pants.infants in the United States. In 2020, according to the newspaper El Mundo, the businessman settled in an abandoned mining town of Cerro Gordo, California.

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During this time, Underwood dedicated himself to exploring the mines and sharing his experiences on social media (@brentwunderwood). One of his videos caused a stir, quickly catching the attention of thousands of Internet users.  » I found Levi Strauss pants!“, he announced in a video on YouTube. The most curious thing about his discovery, which incidentally went around the world, is the state in which the pants were found. A century later, although they were buried under the mines, these jeans have been preserved in relatively good condition: they have kept their original blue color and the buttons where you could even see the brand name. Amazing !

The invention of these small metal circles dates back to 1829. Indeed, they were made by Levi Strauss who wanted to ensure that jeans were resistant to wear, because they regularly tore at the level of the pockets.

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