What job to do if you end up hypersensitive?


Known through the term “hypersensitivity”, high sensitivity is a characteristic that affects 30% of the world’s population, or more than one person in five! Although we sometimes tend to put labels on this particularity: too sensitive, too susceptible, too empathetic… the hypersensitive are just people like the others except for one detail: this exacerbated sensitivity.

In reality, there is not really a profession made for the hypersensitive. It is above all the working environment that must be chosen with care. Indeed, the same position can be perfect in one company and horrible in another, just as one person can enjoy his job while another would be totally incapable of exercising it!

A profession with meaning

Naturally, we attribute to the hypersensitive professions with humanist values. They often need to give meaning to what they do in life. In addition, people with this feature are endowed with a great empathy and one extreme benevolence. Nevertheless, it is also possible to work in all kinds of fields. If you want to be in finance, go for it! You can always consider retraining by starting training as a personal assistant, therapist or farmer later if you want. The main thing is above all to love and to feel good about what you are doing.

A caring professional environment

good atmosphere between four work colleagues
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As far as human relations are concerned, hypersensitive people are loyal and need reciprocity, balance and sincerity. This is obviously also the case in their working relationships. For example, a hypersensitive person who finds himself in a company in which there are regular conflicts will not be at all comfortable. This is why the work environment is an essential point to consider when you are hypersensitive, especially to avoid toxic people. Indeed, the hypersensitive tend to attract what are called “energy vampires”. These people may for example have a narcissistic personality, others may complain constantly. The latter will therefore feed on the empathy of the hypersensitive person. Dear hypersensitive people, for your well-being, be sure to find a healthy and balanced work environment.

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