What to do with expired eggs? 13 Residence and Backyard Makes use of.


And you wonder what you will be able to do with it…

Yes, it happens to everyone to let eggs go bad.

But for all that, we do not want to throw them away. Food waste is no thanks.

Fortunately, there are many uses outdated eggs.

Here is 13 Uses You Never Think About. Look :

1. To make a face mask

A person holding two eggs in one hand and two lemons next to a bowl

The egg is a very popular ingredient for natural beauty.

And just because you can’t eat it anymore doesn’t mean you can’t use it for beauty treatments.

If it is 5-7 days out of date, use it to make a beauty mask for the face.

You can use white with lemon to tighten facial pores.

Or, take a yolk and make a soothing, hydrating mask for dry skin.

2. To make egg shampoo

Two glasses with egg yolk in one and egg white in the other

The benefits of eggs for the hair are well established.

It is an ancestral recipe for have beautiful hair naturally.

So if you can’t eat them anymore, let your hair benefit from them.

They are very nutritious and suitable for both dry and oily hair.

All you have to do is choose the right natural shampoo recipe.

3. To make fertilizer in the garden

A person holding an egg in front of plants

If they’re long out of date, I understand that you don’t want to apply them to your skin or hair.

In this case, make a small hole in the shell and bury them in the garden.

This is an excellent natural fertilizer.

As they decompose, they feed your plants or vegetable garden as they decompose.

This is a great trick for using up eggs that are more than 20 or 30 days old.

4. To make natural paint

A woman painting outside

Do you know that we can make natural paint with eggs?

It’s actually a very, very old technique.

And as surprising as it sounds, it’s quite easy to do.

Just mix a yellow with some pigments and somelinseed oil.

A tablespoon of flaxseed oil is enough.

Then, all you have to do is dilute the pigments of the color of your choice (or gouache) in water.

Then mix everything in a small container and the paint is ready!

It takes a few tries before you get the right consistency.

But the result is worth it! We can do with very pretty things.

It’s perfect for making decorations on wood for example.

For this activity, we recommend expired eggs… but not too many!

They don’t have to smell bad…

5. To make decorations for Easter

Three colored easter eggs with a mustache

Easter is coming and you are about to make your own your own Easter decorations ?

For this, eggs are often needed. So if you have any that are outdated, now is the time to use them.

Cook them in hard-boiled eggs. Or empty them to recover the shell.

And decorate them! Let your imagination and that of your children speak.

Paint, glitter, stickers, varnish…

Here are some Easter egg decorating ideas to do with the kids.

6. To remove a stain from a wool sweater

An egg on a blue wool sweater

It’s not easy to get a stain out of a wool sweater!

Often, wool does not support washing at high temperatures.

But be aware that egg white can be a effective stain remover in this case.

Take a blank: No need to beat it! And spread it on the stain.

Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Or put your sweater in the washing machine. And the stain is gone!

7. To restore patina to leather

A person rubbing their couch with a pink microfiber cloth

The leather of the sofa is no longer brand new?

Over time, it tends to dull and lose its luster.

It may even be that stains or halos become encrusted…

This is where your expired egg comes in!

Collect the white and beat it in snow.

Then dip a cloth in it and run it over the sofa.

Emphasize the areas you want to revive.

There you go, your leather has regained its shine! He has again a beautiful patina.

And it works for sofas, jackets, bags, sandals…

Practical, right?

8. To clean a fryer

A dirty fryer with oil

This tip for clean a fryer is simply awesome.

If you have a very fresh egg, use it to clean your fryer.

Put the egg white directly into the oil in the fryer, as explained here.

The white catches all the residues by solidifying.

Not only does this allow you to use a 3 week old or 1 month old egg…

But in addition you can use the frying oil several times instead of throwing it away…

Economical isn’t it?

9. To make the lino floor shine

An egg to clean the floor

Making a lino floor shine is sometimes a challenge!

Traces often remain with conventional household products.

So here is a truly amazing grandmother’s recipe.

Recover the yolk of an expired egg (but which does not smell bad).

Beat it like making an omelette.

Fill a bucket with water and pour the yolk into it.

Mix and mop as usual.

Let it dry for have a super shiny lino!

10. To strip the garden furniture

A white table and chairs in a garden

After the floor… Plastic garden furniture!

By dint of leaving it outside, it turns black or gray.

The colors are getting duller…

Even if we clean it properly, we realize that it does not regain its initial shine.

Do you have expired eggs? This is exactly what you need to stripping your garden furniture effortlessly.

Beat 3 egg whites and with a brush, spread them on the tables and chairs if necessary.

Let dry then rub with a cloth.

You will immediately see the difference! Your garden furniture regains all its whiteness instantly.

11. To make copper pans shine

Several copper cooking utensils

Copper jam pans, copper moulds, basins or saucepans…

All this deserves a little cleaning from time to time to shine the copper.

Avoid harsh chemicals!

Do you know this grandmother’s natural recipe to reveal the shine of copper?

Take a bowl and put 3 egg whites in it.

Add 500 g of coarse salt2 tablespoons of flour.

Pour a lemon juice and a small glass of white vinegar.

Blend until smooth.

Apply your natural product to the copper objects by rubbing with a cloth and wiping.

And hop your brass are shiny again!

12. To remove a coffee… or chocolate stain from a tablecloth

A coffee stain on a white tablecloth

A coffee stain on a white tablecloth is the guarantee of having all dirty brown halos.

So here’s a grandma’s trick to making an expired egg yolk.

Put a yolk in a bowl and pour half a glass of water (or white vinegar).

Stir to dilute the yolk.

Take some of the mixture with a cloth and brush the stain with it.

Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse.

The tablecloth finds its immaculate whiteness !

And adding glycerin also works to remove a chocolate stain.

13. To revive a wooden table

An egg on a wooden table to clean it with a green microfiber cloth

Wood, like all natural materials, gets dirty.

It darkens and becomes dull over time.

So it’s worth giving it a little boost to restore its shine.

And for this, you can take a little old egg white.

First you have to remove the dust on the furniture.

Then mix an egg white with a little water.

Here we go ! A cloth is dipped in the mixture and passed over the wooden surface.

Table, wardrobe, chest of drawers…

All wooden furniture find their shine and patina.

What to do with an egg that is not fresh or soon to expire?

A pack of six eggs in its cardboard box

If your eggs are slightly past their expiration date (1 day or 2) or almost expired…

You can still cook them.

The rule to follow is to cook it well.

So you can make hard-boiled eggs out of it.

Or it’s time to start baking: cakes, crepes, pancakes…

They just need to cook at high temperature for a long time.

How do you know if an egg is still good?

A drawing showing how to tell if an egg is still good

Obviously, your egg must not be expired for too longs to use it in a cooking recipe…

Even if it is well cooked.

Fortunately, there is a really neat trick to tell if an egg is still good or not.

Just put it in water and see if it floats or not.

Expired eggs: what health risk?

A stale egg in a bowl

An unpleasant smell? A weird look?

If you have any doubts, don’t eat the suspect egg.

Because health risks are not negligible.

Eating an expired egg can have serious consequences.

In particular, you can contract salmonellosis.

Your turn…

Have you tried any of these tips for using expired eggs? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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