What to do with expired milk? 6 Makes use of No one Is aware of About.


Discover these 6 surprising uses and avoid waste.

Warning ! Do not consume your milk if it is curdled, you could get sick.

As a general rule, milk turns 3 days after its expiry date.

If the bottle has not been opened, the milk is still good for 2 weeks after its expiry date.

Once you learn the 6 uses of expired milk, you won’t want to throw it down the drain. Look :

1. Make your “homemade” cheese

This is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of expired milk.

After all, cheese is sour milk.

Make your own cottage cheese by cooking expired milk in a bain-marie.

When it starts to sweat, drain it in a cloth until it has a fairly thick consistency.

Finally, stir in fresh cream, salt and pepper.

If your milk is curdled, you can also make « homemade » cheese.

Cover a colander with a muslin square then pour in your curdled milk.

Tie the muslin and hang it over a bowl in your fridge to drain.

Your cheese is ready to taste when the preparation no longer drips!

2. Prepare your pastries

Expired milk is an ideal ingredient for pancakes, cakes and waffles.

Once cooked, it is impossible to know that you have used sour milk.

It’s an easy and delicious trick that also fights against waste to use sour milk.

Now you know that expired milk can be used to prepare delicious dishes.

But it also has non-food uses.

3. Make a beauty mask

Did you know that expired milk (raw or not) is one of the components of beauty masks?

For smoother skin and an even complexion, apply sour milk to your face and leave for 5 minutes.

Then, rinse off the mask with fresh milk (a little weird, but it works!)

Finally, rinse with clear water.

4. Prepare food for your pets

Another use for spoiled milk is to prepare food for your pets.

Use it to bake cookies for your dogs and cats.

The curdled milk can also be used as food for your hens (let it rest in the sun to curdle it more quickly).

Warning: some readers have told us that milk is bad for animals.

5. Use sour milk to protect your plants

Do you have deer invading your garden?

Do as I do and pour milk that has swirled around your plants.

It will serve as a repellent against wild animals!

It is also a very good fertilizer for roses.

6. Make your silverware shine

To make your silverware shine, apply spoiled milk and let sit overnight.

The result is stunning !

As you can see, expired milk has many uses.

So think twice before pouring it down the drain!

And if it’s powdered milk that’s expired, here are the uses to know.

Your turn…

Have you tried these grandma’s tips for using expired milk? Tell us in the comments if it has been effective for you and if you know of others to avoid the mess.

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