What to do with Walnut and Hazelnut Shells? 7 Superb Makes use of.


Today I’m telling you what to do with the empty walnut and hazelnut shells you just ate.

Because I imagine that like everyone else, once the fruit is eaten, you purely and simply throw away the shells.

Rich in vitamin E, magnesium and phosphorus, these little shells are real little treasures.

They enrich the soil of the garden while being useful for many things for the house.

So find out 7 amazing uses for what to do with your shells for the garden and home. Look :

1. Use shells as mulch

Walnut and hazelnut shells to reuse as mulch

Walnut and hazelnut shells can quite useful to make a good mulch.

Like straw or wood shavings, shells limit the appearance of weeds.

Very aesthetic once scattered on the ground, this type of natural mulch also regulates the humidity contained in the soil.

2. Put them at the bottom of flower pots

Broken hazelnut shells to put in flower pots

For good drainage of water in flower potsyou are used to using clay balls or small pebbles?

Well, be aware that walnut and hazelnut shells do just as well.

Break them into a thousand pieces and place them at the bottom of the tank to reap the same benefits.

The shells prevent the evaporation of water and retain it so that it does not stagnate at the bottom of the tank.

3. Start a fire easily

Walnut and hazelnut shells to reuse to make a fire

You can immediately put aside the traditional fire starters, especially if they are not environmentally friendly.

Walnut and hazelnut shells make it easy to start a good fire.

All you have to do is practice what is called the reverse ignition technique. You know ?

The method is simple.

It consists of first putting the wood and then the shells on top.

The opposite of what we usually do in short.

Set fire to the shells with matches and watch the fire catch without a hitch.

Try it, it works like hell. In addition, it produces less smoke and it is less polluting.

4. Mix the shells with the ground

Walnut shells in the dirt next to a plant

To aerate heavy soil, I advise you to mix it with crushed walnut and hazelnut shells.

This allows for better drainage for the plants you plan to seed.

On the other hand, mix well the earth and the shells with compost.

Otherwise, it creates very dense clods of earth that block the flow of water.

Quite the opposite of what is sought!

5. Pour the shells into the compost

Compost with walnut and hazelnut shells to reuse

You are certainly in the habit of throwing organic waste into your compost.

And do the same with the walnut and hazelnut shells.

think good to grind them as much as possible beforehand so that they decompose more quickly.

By their composition, these shells enrich your compost.

6. Make insect shelters

Walnut and hazelnut shells to reuse to make insect shelters

Sprinkle the bottom of the garden with walnut or hazelnut shells to make people happy.

Insects immediately find a very appreciable refuge there, especially in winter.

So you participate the maintenance and development of biodiversity in your garden.

Ladybugs are particularly attracted to these empty shells.

7. Decorate garden paths

A garden path with walnut shells

To decorate the garden paths, you certainly use small gravel or pebbles.

Well, I decided to follow the advice of a landscape designer: to use walnut and hazelnut shells.

Spread across my driveway, they offer a great decoration very original and especially not expensive at all.

Before sowing them, I just break them into small pieces.

Plus it’s pretty funny, it creaks when you walk on it.

Bonus: DIY with your kids

DIY mice made from walnut shells

It’s Wednesday afternoon and it’s raining outside?

It’s time to get out the tray with empty shells, matches, paint and a little paint!

Play with the kids to make characters by using their imagination.

A fun and economical DIY.

Your turn…

Have you tried our tips for reusing walnut and hazelnut shells? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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