What to exchange cornstarch with within the kitchen? 20 Simple Suggestions.


It must be admitted that it is very practical in many recipes.

The good news is that there are many alternatives to cornstarch.

That’s what Nathalie explained to me, who runs a restaurant near my house.

Here is 20 alternatives to cornstarch to make all your recipes successful. Look :

What can I replace cornstarch with in a flan?

Ah the good grandmother’s flans… What a treat!

Cornstarch plays an important role in the flan recipe.

Because it is she who allows the dough to thicken.

No cornstarch? No problem !

It is quite possible to make a flan without Maïzena.

Just use the same amount of flour.

You may need to stir your mixture over the heat a little longer for it to thicken. That’s all !

The texture of the flan may be a little different. But it is very firm and you are going to enjoy it!

More surprisingly, you can also replace cornflour with hulled barley flour (or cream of barley).

The advantage? This flour has a low GI (glycemic index).

What can I replace cornstarch with in pastry cream?

Are you preparing a good pastry cream?

Yum… What better way to garnish a cream puff, a Paris-Brest or even an éclair?

Even if you don’t have cornstarch, you don’t have to give up your baking.

To replace it, you can use of flourquite simply.

If you are making pastry cream, follow these proportions:

For 10 g of cornstarch, put 15 g of flour.

You can also use cream powder.

It is less known than flour, but remarkably effective in having a perfect texture.

How to replace cornstarch in a dessert cream?

Fancy a cream dessert? Chocolate, caramel, vanilla, coconut…

There is something for every taste.

Of course, you can use flour or milk powder as a substitute for cornstarch.

But know that you can also use tapioca.

It is also a starch, but it is extracted from the cassava root.

It is necessary to plan a dose of tapioca for a dose of cornstarch.

That way, we don’t break our heads!

Yes, it is also a very effective thickener.

You have the perfect solution to replace cornstarch.

How to replace it in a cake?

In a cake, cornstarch can be replaced by rice flour.

It is also very high in starch and gluten free.

So it’s a great alternative.

But be aware that it is a little less thickening.

So for 1 dose of cornstarch, you need 2 doses of rice flour.

In cakes, clafoutis, cookies, muffins… there is another vegetable alternative.

These are THE linseed which have many health benefits.

However, they require a little preparation before using them.

You have to start by reducing them to powder.

Then you have to put the powder in the water so that it turns into a gel.

It is necessary to count a teaspoon of flax seed powder for 4 teaspoons of water.

Let it soak for 10 minutes.

And then you can put it directly into the cake batter.

What can I replace it with in a savory cake?

If you make a savory cake, you will probably be interested in this alternative: psyllium.

You may know its properties against constipation?

If you soak the psyllium husk in water, you get a sort of fairly thick gelatin.

Enough to replace cornstarch without difficulty!

Well know that you can use this gel texture to make a delicious gluten-free salty cake!

Discover the recipe here.

What to replace it with in the fondue?

Those who love cheese can’t resist a good Swiss or Savoyard fondue!

But what if you realize that you have no more cornstarch to bind the cheese mixture?

Note that there are 2 options that give quite acceptable results.

First, we can use a little flour. But you have to be vigilant.

Because you should not put too much so that the flour does not spoil the taste of the cheeses.

Then, you have to cook the fondue well to avoid a mealy taste.

More original, we can use a well-cooked potato.

It is better to choose a variety with mealy flesh.

Just add it to processed cheeses, crushing it well.

The potato gives consistency to the fondue by thickening it.

But be careful that there are not too many small pieces of potato left.

This could spoil your fun!

What can I replace it with to thicken a sauce?

Of course, when you want to thicken a sauce, you immediately think of cornflour.

This is the most practical.

But be aware that there are many solutions that replace starch.

You are used to doing your Bechamel with cornstarch?

As you can imagine… You can of course replace it with flour.

Your sauce will probably be a little less light. But it will still be delicious.

And that’s not all…

Mashed potatoes, roux, kneaded butter, breadcrumbs, mashed vegetables, milk powder, tomato puree, egg yolk, pasta water…

Depending on your recipe and what you have in your cupboards…

One of these alternatives is perfect for thickening your salty sauce without cornstarch!

Can I substitute it with arrowroot flour?

Less known, the flour ofarrow root is a starchy flour made from the roots of tropical plants, the maranta.

She is gluten free and she has the same thickening power than cornstarch.

That is, 1 scoop of cornstarch = 1 scoop of arrowroot.

Super handy, isn’t it?

It is perfect for thickening clear liquids: soups, stews and sauces of course…

On the other hand, as soon as you incorporate it into your sauce, it must be served very quickly.

The arrowroot has indeed a disadvantage: it does not last long.

For cold sauces that do not require cooking, consider theagar-agar or guar gum

Because even when cold, their thickening capacity is exceptional.

What can I replace it with in a lemon pie?

I love lemon tart…

Especially since my dietician entrusted me with a recipe for a light lemon pie!

But what to do when you don’t have cornstarch?

There flour acting as a replacement again!

In general, we use 2 parts flour for 1 part cornstarch.

Obviously, it is a little less light.

But by letting the preparation cook longer and mixing well, you get a perfect creamy texture.

You can also use the potato starch which has the advantage of being gluten-free.

Want a little clever trick?

Do half / half: half wheat flour, half potato starch.

This way you get a tasty and light result.

What to replace it with in the meringue?

The meringues, not only are they super good…

But it’s also very convenient for using egg whites.

And just because we’re out of cornstarch doesn’t mean we’re going to deprive ourselves of it!

Because here too, we can use wheat flourof the rice flour or the potato starch.

The latter is light, low in fat even if it is rich in carbohydrates.

But the advantage is that it does not change the taste of your pastry.

Because its flavors are neutral.

And just keep the same proportions as those indicated in your recipe with cornstarch.

Can you replace cornstarch with baking soda?

You may be wondering if you can replace cornstarch with baking soda.

It is true that he can do everything that one!

So why not replace the cornstarch?

But it must be recognized.

Bicarbonate also has its limits.

And if it can make your preparations swell, like yeast…

It does not have thickening properties.

He therefore cannot not replace cornstarch.

In the same way that cornstarch cannot be replaced by baking powder or baker’s yeast!

In summary, what can you replace cornstarch with in a recipe?

So there are many alternatives with or without glutenwith a Low GIwith or without cooking:

– Wheat flour

– Rice flour

– Barley flour

– Potato starch

– mashed potato

– Agar-agar

– Guar gum

– Arrowroot

– Mashed potatoes or vegetables

– Red

– Mania butter

– Breadcrumbs

– Powdered milk

– Egg yolk

– Pasta water

– Tomato puree

– Psyllium

– Linseed

– Tapioca

– Cream powder

It’s up to you to choose according to your recipes, your diet… and what you have at home!

Your turn…

Do you know any other tips for replacing cornstarch? Share them with us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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