When Ought to You Bathe? Morning Or Night? The Scientific Reply.


Imagine that scientists have studied the question.

It’s true… There are those who prefer to wash in the morning and others in the evening.

The 2 camps clash, each with their arguments…

So, to settle the debate, the question was put to scientists:

Well, know that the answer is not that simple.

Here are the scientific arguments to find out when is the best time to shower. Look :

5 good reasons to shower in the morning

a woman takes a shower

1. The people who have oily skin should shower in the morning. Indeed, according to Dr Holly Phillips, « washing in the morning is especially good for those who tend to have oily skin. » Why ? « Simply because excess sebum is produced during the night and a shower in the morning will allow you to deeply clean your pores ».

2. Showering in the morning helps creativity for the whole day. According Shelley Carson, a psychologist from Havard University, it’s like a kind of meditation! “Your brain is in a kind of relaxing alert phase, extremely conducive to thinking.” So it’s a great way to stimulate your creativity.

3. You too have trouble waking up in the morning ? So make it a morning ritual! Because according to the National Center of Biology Information, washing in the morning allows you to wake up properly. Especially if you pass a quick jet of cold water on the body! Not only does this allow you to wake up gently… But it also allows you to stay in better shape throughout the day.

4. You do exercise before going to work ? For once, you don’t have to be a scientist to know that you have to wash in the morning! Otherwise you risk getting angry with your office colleagues…

5. Same note if you tend to sweat a lot at night… Or if it’s very hot. Better plan a good wash before leaving for work!

Why wash at night and not in the morning?

a person in the shower regulates the water in the shower

1. You have the dry skin ? So, opt for the evening shower. The skin tends to regenerate at night. It will therefore benefit 100% from all the creams that you apply to the body. During the day, she tends to protect herself.

2. Do you sleep badly? Or are you downright insomniac? So, washing in the evening is a must. Because according to Christopher Winter, a researcher at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, showering at night naturally promotes sleep. She gently prepares the body and the mind to slip into the arms of Morpheus. It’s the slight cooling we feel when we get out of the shower that prepares us for sleep. Do not hesitate to finish with a jet of cold water. It is the guarantee of a good night’s sleep.

3. If you do a physical or dirty job, The question does not even place itself. You must wash at night. Not only do you remove the dirt with which you have been in contact… But you also eliminate substances that can be toxic.

4. In fact, whether you have a dirty job or not, washing in the evening avoids bringing everything a pile of dirt and dead skin in his bed. yuck!

5. The followers of workout after work or in the evening don’t really have a choice. They must shower in the evening after their sports session. Because macerating in your perspiration all night is average!

There you go, you can make your choice knowing now all the scientific arguments.

But one thing is certain, it is better to avoid taking several.

It’s not good for the planet…or your skin either!

Your turn…

And you, which side are you on? That of the morning or evening shower? Tell us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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