The place to maintain cash at residence to draw prosperity and abundance?


Attracting wealth into your life starts with managing your money well. But where do you keep it at home? What are the best places to save it without risking attracting bad luck? According to Feng-Shui, an ancient Chinese discipline, some rooms are not suitable for storing your money. If you want to grow your wealth and attract abundance, you must choose the most suitable, safe and profitable places.


Find out where to keep your money to improve your financial health. We will also enlighten you on certain rituals and fetish objects to drain wealth and prosperity.

When dreaming of wealth and abundance, it would be good to take into account some rituals that our ancestors closely followed. For example, if you keep money at home incorrectly, financial success is unlikely to come. Whether you are superstitious or not, here are some tips to follow to put the odds on your side.

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  • Avoid keeping your money in these places

According to Feng-Shui, in every home there are certain places that attract poverty. For starters, keep your money away from appliances that produce fire. It goes without saying that the flame has a destructive effect on the banknotes, which risk going up in smoke. Also avoid the proximity of electronic devices that absorb energy, such as televisions, mobile phones, computers and other tablets.

Also keep your money away from the front door of the house. The lobby is not the most appropriate place.

It doesn’t matter if you are used to putting the bills on the counter near the door or in the display case installed in the hallway. You may not know it, but this area is plagued by negative energy. Likewise, it is not recommended to keep money or other valuables in the bathroom or toilet. Also avoid hiding your tickets in certain items such as books and photo albums. Their energy is also not positive. You used to hide your savings under the mattress? Bad idea. According to some beliefs, this negatively affects your financial situation.

  • What is the ideal coin to protect your money?

It would be better to keep your money in a safe or a wallet to keep in dark corners of the house. And above all, make sure you no longer tie your wads of cash with rubber bands and all kinds of fasteners. Experts warn that such an attitude towards money is detrimental to you.

But then “where to keep your money? According to experts, the best place to keep your savings is in the kitchen. Yes, it probably surprises you, but this piece has a surprisingly positive aura. However, if you adhere to this concept and decide to put your money there safely, first make sure that it is out of reach of electrical machines and any heat source.

What to put in your wallet to attract money?

Some people strongly believe in talismans, lucky charms and other fetish objects supposed to attract luck, happiness and wealth. If you are one of them or just want to give yourself a little boost to surround yourself with good vibes and attract good fortune, here are some things to have in your wallet.

It is good to know that a single piece of silver in your wallet can bring good luck in various ways. And this, thanks to the metal which, according to Feng shui, represents the metallic element of the ecosystem. It is associated with clarity, precision and freshness. It is also a symbol of abundance, wealth and savings. That’s why you should always keep a few coins in your wallet for good luck.

Stones are excellent representatives of the earth element in the Feng Shui discipline. They are known to promote positive energy. It is advisable to take black or green stones with you. Small in size, of course, and not too heavy either to clutter up your wallet.

Rice is a staple food that is both nutritious and beneficial to health. In Asian countries, it has a powerful symbolism: it represents luck, happiness and abundance. It is thus advisable to have 21 grains of rice in the wallet. Slip them into a small cloth bag. You can substitute rice grains from time to time to attract wealth and new positive energy.

Did you know that salt is also a powerful ingredient to attract wealth and positive vibes. No wonder the superstitious use it profusely to ward off bad luck. Take a small amount of sea salt, wrap it in nylon paper and place it in one of the compartments of your wallet. Salt is known to absorb any negative energy that may be in it.

What semi-precious stone to have on hand?

According to Feng Shui, precious and semi-precious stones have the power to boost financial gains. According to some very ancient Vedic texts, they would have a strong influence on the acquisition of wealth. Pyrite, for example, embodies the ultimate stone of luck, prosperity, and abundance, as it attracts coins and money by invoking the law of attraction.

In addition to cleaning up the atmosphere and soothing our minds, certain plants are also favored by the Feng Shui philosophy. According to his principles, they would also have the power to attract luck, wealth and prosperity. So they are not only ornamental, they turn out to be more powerful than you imagined. As long as you are a follower of this mystical spirit, you should trust the good vibes of your plants and their little « magic » touch that will boost your financial health.

Here are the plants to choose from:

It perfumes and gives an exquisite flavor to your culinary recipes. But, basil has more than one trick up its sleeve. This aromatic herb would also have the ability to attract money and prosperity. This plant would be powerful enough to ward off bad energies. If you want to have it in abundance at home, you can easily grow it in a pot, but remember that it needs a good dose of sun and a constant light humidity, without flooding the ground either. , because it could do a lot of damage.

Its name is already very revealing. This plant is also considered a good luck magnet, capable of maintaining good energies in the house. A good enough reason to proudly install one in a living room. Lucky bamboo only needs good lighting and rigorous watering frequency. As it requires a lot of water, you can place it quietly in the bathroom.

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Jasmine is one of the most beautiful and attractive flowers, especially thanks to its unique and intoxicating fragrance. It is a noble and very powerful plant that has the ability to attract fortune and abundance. This hardy plant can be grown in full sun or partial shade and does not need heavy watering to survive. Do not hesitate to install it at home!

Besides being one of the most beautiful plants among succulents, it is also one of the most powerful. According to Feng Shui, the crassula is a lucky plant that has a unique gift for attracting wealth and prosperity to its hosts. Place it to the right of the entrance to the house, always facing north, so that it spreads its « magic »!

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