Which goddess are you and what’s your tremendous energy in accordance with your zodiac signal?


Have you ever wondered which goddess would represent you best? With the help of astrology, you will find the answer to this question today.

Astrological signs have their own traits and characteristics, just like goddesses in mythology. The world of mythology is home to gods, goddesses, monsters, wars, light, love, and many stories that end well. Myths are prevalent in all cultures around the world, and even today these myths can fill our minds and inspire us with the moral of their stories.

Gods and goddesses are fascinating subjects. Have you ever wondered which goddess could best represent you? With the help of astrology, you will find the answer to this question today.

Here are the zodiac signs and the goddesses that lie within them.

Which goddess are you and what is your super power according to the zodiac sign you were born under?

1- Aries

If you were born under the sign of Aries, it means that you are of a very daring, courageous and strong nature. You know how to fight for what your soul believes in and to live the life you want.

The goddess who best represents your sign is Freya. Freya was a warrior princess of the north, known for her incredible strength. She set her own limits and made sure no one crossed them, demanding respect and justice. Let this fearless warrior help you connect with your incredible power to stand up to everyone.

2- Taurus

Your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Therefore, the goddess known for her boundless love is Aphrodite, a feminine goddess, lover of life and of exquisite taste.

Aphrodite is a goddess who appreciates beauty and spreads love around her. When you are faced with problems, focus on the positive energies and emotions associated with all beautiful things, and the best solution will emerge from within.

3- Gemini

Your incredible mind and your Ego are seldom at war. You inhabit a mysterious space between reality and the world you want to create. The goddess who best represents you is Iris, the goddess from Greek mythology who connects the kingdom of earth to heaven.

Iris, the Rainbow Messenger, connects people with gods and goddesses in a way that allows them to communicate and share ideas. This wonderful goddess wants to help you find inspiration in the Universe, sprinkling stardust all over like you the done.

4- Cancer

Your natural ability to love and care for those around you is a true divine gift. You offer limitless, pure and true love, you are loyal to your loved ones and always ready to lend a hand. The goddess who best represents your sign is Hathor; she is part of Egyptian mythology and is the goddess of music, joy and love.

Hathor’s intuitive and compassionate nature is perfect for you because she is loving and loyal in nature.

5- Lion

If you are born under the sign of Leo, you are warm and loving by nature. You shine in all areas and this is because your sign is ruled by the Sun. The goddess Eos is in perfect harmony with your being.

Eos was a sun goddess, whose chariot drawn by winged horses shone as it crossed the sky every day. Allow the divine aura of Eos to flow through you and help you share smiles and happiness with every step you take in life.


You breathe purity through every pore; you are a sensitive nature who has a lot of love to offer. You enjoy helping people and sharing important lessons with them in order to persuade them to live their lives as beautifully as possible. The goddess who best represents your sign is Aestrea, the virgin goddess of innocence and purity.

Allow this goddess to help you find your way in life, show you how important patience is, and bring peace to your soul.

7- Libra

If the goddess Venus seems to be an obvious choice, the sign of Libra is rather associated with the goddess Isis, mother of Horus, god of the sky. Your energy is aesthetically balanced and harmonized. You value beauty to a degree that many others do not, and place justice above all else.

Isis is the goddess who restores the balance of life. Isis is full of wisdom and creativity and can help you dive deeper into your inner soul where you have the opportunity to find real treasures.

8- Scorpio

You are ofa very mysterious nature, sure of you, eager to live your life and to enjoy every moment. You are representede by the goddess Selket – the Egyptian goddess who helps those who pass from this kingdom to the next to walk their way in peace.

His connections to love, transformation, life and death give him incredible powers. Allow Him to help you find the intense strength within you to make your dreams and desires come true.


Sagittarius optimism resonates more deeply with Rhiannon, the Celtic fairy goddess. Rhiannon was a misunderstood goddess, a condition with which I think you identify well. It is said that she was born on the first rising of the Moon and that she was brought, by trying to transform herself, to offer wisdom, magic and beauty to life.

Every step she took was accompanied by a flock of singing birds. Think of your ideas and goals as those songbirds who follow you, stand behind you, and inspire you on your journey.


The sign of Capricorn is ruled by the earth and as such you are ofa sensitive nature, attached to nature. We can even say that you are one with nature. Persephone, the goddess of Greek mythology, is the one who best represents your sign.

Persephone can help you better align with nature and enrich your relationship with Mother Nature, who guides your path and helps you have a clear mind, free from all negative energies in the Universe.

11- Aquarius

Even though your sign is known to carry a pitcher of water, it is actually governed by the element of Air. The goddess who best represents your sign is Dodola, a Slavic goddess who rules over air, wind, rain, and storms.

Dodola was believed to create rain by milking the cows she kept in the air, thus inspiring creativity and innovation. Dodola was the one earthlings turned to in times of drought. So when you feel that your brainstorm is running out, you can call on Dodala to bring you a momentum inspiration.

12- Pisces

You are of a nature that brings emotion, simplicity, real life. The goddess who best represents your sign is Yemaya, the African goddess of the waters, also known as the Mother of the Sea. Yemaya is sometimes seen as a mermaid crossing the waters of intuition and creativity.

Yemaya enters the realm of mystery. Allow Him to prompt you to action so that you can turn your dreams into reality. Learn from Yemaya and you will become one with the waves of your own intuition.

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