Why Do I Have 2 Dimples in Decrease Again (and What Does It Imply)?


I am talking here about the dimples in the lower back and their meaning.

This physical characteristic has a specific name.

We talk about sacroiliac dimples or venus salt shakers in reference to the goddess of love.

However, these small hollows in the lower back deserve to be known.

Many myths and legends revolve around this physical peculiarity.

Beyond the fact that some find it very aesthetic, these small hollows would also accentuate sexual pleasure!

This is also why they are called salt shakers of Venus for women and salt shakers of Apollo for men.

Discover so why do some people have these dimples and what does it actually mean. Look :

The sacroiliac dimples or « dimples of Venus » are two small depressions located on each side of the lumbar area.

That is to say at the bottom of the back just above the buttocks.

It is at this level that the iliac bones (upper part of the pelvis)…

…meet the os sacrum (lower part of the spine).

But don’t bother running to your bathroom mirror.

These dimples above the buttocks are only present in some people.

They are even quite rare.

And then their appearance and depth may vary from person to person.

Sacroiliac dimples would be a criterion of beauty

Very aesthetic Venus salt shakers

Some people may find the sacroiliac dimples very pretty.

They find that it gives an aesthetic dimension to the lumbar region.

Well that said, tastes and colors… you know the proverb.

Some may find sacroiliac dimples visually pleasing, others may not.

And then the aesthetic preferences also vary from one culture to another.

Me personally it does not make me hot or cold!

I don’t hate it, but from there to try to have some… And you, what do you think?

Lower back dimples are exclusively genetic

Very aesthetic Venus salt shakers

Sacroiliac dimples do not “fall from the sky”.

They are mainly determined by genetic and anatomical factors.

In other words, if one of your parents had these dimples, chances are you have them too.

And if not, nothing is lost.

FYI, it is possible to do a little cosmetic surgery to create these small hollows.

The surgeon does a kind of liposuction under local anesthesia by removing fat to create the famous dimples.

It is not very common, but the operation exists in private clinics.

Venus Dimples Myths

Dimples on the lower back

Sacroiliac dimples are often surrounded by myths or received ideas.

They would have a very specific use on the body.

For example, we read in articles that the presence of dimples indicates that one is in good health.

We would have a better blood circulation of the pelvis or even a better physical condition.

In reality, the presence or absence of dimples has no direct relationship to a person’s overall health.

Other information that we often see is the fact that these dimples would increase sexual pleasure.

Thanks to them, women would reach an orgasm more easily.

Again sorry to disappoint you, but nothing there is no scientific data that proves this.

So good if people with dimples have a very fulfilling sex life.

In any case, there is no proof.

But do not hesitate ladies to leave a comment on the subject if you think otherwise!

Finally, it seems that doing certain exercises or diets could help make the dimples appear.

As I told you, the presence of sacroiliac dimples is mainly genetic and anatomical.

It cannot be influenced by exercises, weight loss, or other things like that.

Your turn…

Do you have dimples on your lower back? Tell us in the comments how you highlight them. We can’t wait to read you!

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