Why do I’ve to shut the bathroom bowl earlier than flushing?


Always close the toilet bowl before flushing.

Because it prevents thousands of microbes from spreading through the air…

We suspect a little … the toilets are the kingdoms of microbes.

Bacteria, germs, parasites, viruses, yeasts… Yuck!

As long as all these disgusting little people stay IN the bowl, no problem…

But miasma begins to spread everywhere, that’s another story.

Hence the interest of lower the toilet lid BEFORE flushing. Explanations:

Why should the toilet bowl be closed?

The open and closed toilet bowl with a No and a Yes

Did you know that there are at least 8 germs per cm2 on the toilet bowl?

Does that surprise you? You will quickly understand…

In fact, the problem comes from the flush.

Indeed, when you flush the toilet thousands of tiny drops of water are propelled into the air.

Of course, we do not see them.

But they are present and in addition, they stay in the air for a long time.

How long ?

Between 80 to 90 minutes!

The problem is that it is not pure water.

No, it’s water mixed with urine or feces.

In other words, poo! Yikes again…

Either these droplets remain in the air or they settle on everything around the toilet.

Garbage cans, walls, toilet seats, nearby towels, even… Toothbrush!

To avoid contaminating the entire bathroom, just do a simple thing:

Lower the toilet seat !

Why do you have to close the toilet bowl before flushing the toilet?

a drawing showing a person flushing the toilet seat open with germs and closed.

By adopting this reflex, 80% of germs remain inside.

It’s a real protective barrier!

But on the other hand, do not forget one very important thing.

Close the toilet seat securely BEFORE you flush the toilet.

Because if you flush the toilet and then approach the toilet to close the seat…

Well there is every chance that the mini droplets all spit will land on your skin: your hands, your arms or your face!

You can even breathe them.

And you can imagine that this is the best way to catch a contagious disease…

Especially gastroenteritis!

Result: less germs in the toilet!

There you go, you now understand why it is really better to close the toilet seat BEFORE flushing the toilet.

And also why the toilet bowl must be cleaned and disinfected very regularly.

Are you in a public restroom?

Then you certainly don’t want to touch the bowl…

How we understand you!

So use this trick to raise (or lower) it without touching it.

Your turn…

And you, do you usually close the toilet bowl? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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