Why do I’ve whistling ears? That means and what to do about it.


It happens to me often…

It happens punctually and by chance, it goes away as it came.

Left or right ear, it doesn’t matter…

So I asked my ENT doctor what was the meaning of these whistles.

Well he revealed to me 3 scientific reasons that explain his ringing in the ears. Look :

What is the cause of ringing in the ear?

First of all

We agree, a simple whistle that comes and goes quickly or tinnitus that becomes encrusted…

There is nevertheless a common point.

Both have nothing to do with noise coming from outside.

Both are one auditory impression.

What does it mean ?

In fact, this sound that we hear continuously does not come from outside.

He is produced by the brain!

Does that surprise you? Here is the explanation:

These noises in the ear are due to a decline in hearing.

This decrease can

– old age,

– a sickness,

– a physical shock,

– sound trauma.

The part of the brain that processes sounds, the auditory cortex, tries to adapt to this hearing loss.

This creates unusual activity in the auditory system.

And the central nervous system interprets this bizarre activity as sound.

As a result, the brain processes this information as if it were noise.

It is therefore in the brain that sound is produced.

1. A little malfunction of nothing at all

A man touches his left ear

The hissing appears from time to time, lasts a few seconds and presto… disappears for no apparent reason.

In most cases, these whistles only last a few seconds.

So we can’t really talk about a particular problem or illness.

Rather, it is a simple small dysfunction. Nothing important…

It’s a bit like a muscle cramp.

It lasts for a while, then it goes away and it has no consequences for your health or your hearing.

Just wait and be patient!

2. Sound trauma

A concert hall with a large audience

Are your ears ringing after a concert? It’s not very surprising.

You should know that too high a sound level can damage the hearing aid.

From 80 to 90 decibelsthe noise becomes a assault.

And it is not rare that in the concerts (or the discotheques), the music exceeds the 100 decibels…

Including in outdoor concerts.

It’s like a shock for the ears which creates a lesion.

And this has the consequence of causing these famous whistles.

As soon as this happens, you must immediately put your ears to rest!

In concrete terms, this means avoiding any noise environment and remaining calm.

Then, it is recommended to quickly consult a doctor who can prescribe a treatment.

In general, this tinnitus is only temporary, fortunately.

But prevention is better than cure.

So the next time you go to a concert or club, don’t stand in front of the speakers.

And don’t forget to wear hearing protection.

Be aware that even in the professional environment, you can be exposed to noise pollution that damages the ear.

Do not hesitate to ask for protections and to contact the occupational physician.

3. A wax plug

a man cleans his ears with a cotton swab

Your ear is ringing? But do you also have the feeling of hearing less well and of having your ears blocked?

These symptoms may also be accompanied by itching or pain in the hearing system.

So you probably have a cerumen cap.

It happens that earwax accumulates in the ear canal.

As a result, it forms a plug who can be causing a hiss.

This happens, for example, when you clean your ears with a cotton swab, after swimming or because of hair in your ears…

In short, this plug obstructs the ear canal.

It is then necessary to consult a doctor so that he removes this obstacle for you.

This simple medical gesture eliminates wheezing and restores good hearing.

Unless you prefer to resort to a grandmother’s remedy which always proves to be just as effective!

That way, no need for a prescription or medication…


There you go, now you know why your ears are ringing from time to time 🙂

And contrary to what a grandmother’s expression says, it’s not because people are talking about you behind your back!

The good news is that you can avoid these inconveniences easily.

And even if we do not really know the precise cause, you can stop this ringing in the ears without too much difficulty.

By the way, take note of this.

We are talking here about ringing and not tinnitus. It’s not quite the same thing.

Unfortunately, these tend to become encrusted over time.

In this case, the hissing is constant and can last for months or even years…

Which is very painful and exhausting!

Why does hearing decline?

Old age is of course a decisive factor.

We all have a grandfather or a grandmother who hears a little less well!

But noise is also responsible for hearing loss.

Because it is responsible for the destruction of the sensory cells that we have at the bottom of the ear.

These are found in the organ of Corti and they look like small eyelashes.

They are the ones who react to the vibrations produced by the sounds.

They transform them into nerve impulses and send the information to neurons. These go all the way back to the brain.

If the sound is not too loud, there is no problem.

But if it is too strong (over 85 decibels), the eyelashes are damaged and destroyed.

We hear less well and hello tinnitus!

If all the eyelashes are damaged or destroyed, it can lead to deafness. Hence the importance of limiting your exposure to noise!

For example, if you listen to 1 hour of music through headphones at 85 decibels, you are putting your ears at risk.

Be aware that at 100 decibels, a few minutes (or even a few seconds from 112 decibels) are enough to damage your ears.

So don’t forget to protect your ears when you go to a club, a concert or if you work in a noisy environment.

If the subject interests you, I really advise you this video which explains very clearly why we have ringing ears.

Your turn…

Do you also have ringing ears from time to time? Tell us in the comments what you are doing to stop this hissing. We can’t wait to read you!

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