Why do it’s a must to put lemons within the oven as soon as every week?


Do you happen to put lemon in your oven ?

In any case, you should think about it.

It is true that at first sight, we do not see too much interest.

But in the end, believe me, it is very useful.

It was my neighbor who explained to me why this is a good idea.

I tell you… I went to eat at her house the other day.

And I saw that she was putting lemons in her oven.

It surprised me, but she explained to me why she was doing this.

And so here are the 3 reasons why you too should do the same.

Scare away insects by putting lemon in the oven

It’s the use that surprised me the most!

Do you have insects in your kitchen? Ants, flies, gnats…

They are sometimes very invasive!

Well, lemon is a great help to you to keep them away and get rid of them.

Yes… The essential oil that emerges from these citrus fruits is a insect repellent natural and effective.

How to do

1. Take two lemons and cut them in half.

2. Fill a heat-resistant bowl with water.

3. Dip the citrus halves in it.

4. Put the container in the oven. Do not close the oven door!

5. Let them soak for 5 hours.

6. Then close the oven door and wait another 15 minutes.

7. Then turn it on to 200°C and heat the water and lemons for 15 minutes.

8. When the time is up, turn it off and open the door.

9. Leave the door open for a few hours.


Lo and behold, insects literally disappear from the kitchen 🙂

Simple, efficient and practical!

In addition, immediately, a good fresh and lemony smell spreads throughout the kitchen.

It is the essential oils of lemon that are diffused everywhere.

But it is not the most important…

Because the most interesting thing is that insects can’t stand the smell of lemon.

As soon as they smell it, they immediately flee as far as possible.

Bye bye ants, flies and gnats!

Smart and cheap to get by rid naturallyis not it ?

For greater efficiency, repeat at least once a week…

Or more often if necessary.

Clean your oven easily with lemons

But you still don’t know everything…

Because yes, you can completely clean your device with a lemon!

This natural cleaning trick is absolutely brilliant.

Cleaning your oven is never a cakewalk.

But with this thing, it’s much easier.

Just use your citrus for the clean, degrease and deodorize effortlessly !

How to do

1. Squeeze the juice of two lemons.

2. Soak a clean sponge in the juice.

3. Pass it on the walls.

4. Place the peels in a dish.

5. Put it in the oven.

6. Turn it on at 100°C.

7. Leave to heat for 30 mins.

8. Rub the inside with the sponge.

9. Rinse it off.

10. Rinse the walls with.


There you go, your oven is clean, degreased and smells good 🙂

An effective 3 in 1 action!

Without forgetting that this cleaning is completely natural and very economical.

So, no need to Decap’Four !

And to clean your microwavefollow this easy trick.

The acidity of this fruit helps to strip encrusted fats. And it also eliminates bacteria.

This makes cleaning the oven much easier. And the result is impeccable.

Deodorize your kitchen by putting lemon slices in the oven

The 3rd use is less surprising. And besides, you must suspect it…

Lemon is a great natural air freshener for the kitchen.

This is the ideal trick to eliminate fishy odors in the house.

To do this, you can heat slices of it in the oven…

Or even better, bark!

This gives your citrus fruits a second life after squeezing the juice. Find out how here.

And if you have a microwave, it’s the same.

Use lemon to eliminate bad odors in your microwave.

Your turn…

Have you tried putting lemons in your oven? Comment in the comments to find out if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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