Why do your towels typically odor dangerous, even after washing? 3 superior tricks to sanitize them


Among the different linens that we have at home, the towels are the ones that we would definitely always want soft and scented!

Think about drying your face and smelling the fabric softener after washing: the scent increases good mood!

Sometimes it happens that after washing they don’t emit any odor or, even worse, they don’t smell good at all.

So let’s see why towels don’t smell good after washing them!

Too much time in the basket

One of the main reasons that towels can smell badly is to leave them in the drum for too long.

After washing, you should never leave the laundry in the washing machine as this could give off the bad smell of stagnant water.

Also, if clothes are kept together for too long, they can get stained as well, so be extra careful!

I recommend that you open the door immediately and take them out of the basket to the fresh air before hanging them out.

Very big load

A very large load of laundry can cause you to have smelly towels.

Sometimes, for practical reasons and to be faster, you put a lot of items in the drum, but this trick does not always bring good results.

Indeed, a wash dedicated only to towels is to be preferred. Indeed, as they are already wet when you put them in the washing machine, it would be advisable not to assemble them with other clothes.

Too much or too little detergent

During the washing, an excessive amount of detergent or fabric softener is put in by mistake: have you ever thought that this is one of the main causes of the bad smell?

The same, of course, also happens with a minimal amount of cleaning product. Therefore, putting too much or not enough detergent is decisive for bad odors.

Adjust according to the laundry you are washing, as we have explained that you should not overfill the washing machine. Just put in the amount of detergent you need.

Dirty washing machine

Sometimes the reason why towels smell bad is not to blame on the laundry, but on the dirty washing machine.

You will know that this appliance accumulates a lot of lime with each wash, which then settles on the drum.

It is therefore a good idea to remove dirt by performing a vacuum washing cycle with 1 liter of water and 150 grams of citric acid.

Alternatively, you can use baking soda or white vinegar.

How to fix it?

After understanding the main causes of smelly towels, let’s see how to fix this problem!

Use vinegar

This won’t be the first time you’ve seen white vinegar as a remedy for various washing machine problems. This natural element has an excellent softening property.

Using vinegar for the towels will make them soft and remove any bad odors present.

Put a cup of vinegar in the tub of the washing machine and run a wash only for the towels.

You will see that you will fix the problem in no time! Plus, if you add 3-4 drops of essential oil to the cup of vinegar, you can say goodbye to fabric softener!

Let dry well

Another tip for towels and in general for always fragrant laundry is to let them dry well!

If you put wet towels in the closet, water that has not yet evaporated may come in, it will stay inside in the closet creating bad odors.

Even if sometimes you are tempted to fold them right away but always make sure they are dry!

Reduce humidity

Finally, it is good that you know that humidity is often the enemy of a good smell on the laundry and in the house!

These tips are especially suitable for those who dry clothes inside the house or at times of the year when you are forced to do so, given the climate.

To reduce humidity, run the dehumidifier in the house for the duration of the drying process. Obviously, not everyone has one, so let’s go for natural methods!

Indeed, you can put glasses with coarse salt or rice in the corners of the room where you dry the towels.

Check every other day that they are not wet, because if so, the rice and salt will not have the desired effect.


Remember to always consult the towel washing labels and if you notice that the laundry gives off a bad odor despite the various precautions, consider calling an expert to check the condition of the washing machine.

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