Why Does a Bleach Stain Flip Pink (And Methods to Get It Out)?


A bleach stain often turns pink.

Last week, I wanted to stain a towel with bleach…

So I asked the question to Marc, a friend who is a physics-chemistry teacher.

Why does a bleach stain turn pink?

Clothes with bleach stains

We are obliged to appeal to a few notions of chemistry to understand it well.

To begin with, you should know that bleach reacts to contact with certain products.

This is what produces a pink or red spot.

Indeed, bleach is sodium hypochlorite.

This substance reacts with certain other chemical compounds.

Especially when it comes into contact with certain substances such as chromophores.

They are found in dyes, dyes and pigments…

And guess in which everyday products we find them?

In cleaning products and detergents…

But also in soaps, personal care products, cosmetics and sunscreens.

If a pink stain appears on a fabric after using bleach, it has probably been in contact with one of these products.

Now that we know where the pink stain comes from…

We would like to know how to get her to leave, wouldn’t we?

How do you remove a bleach stain that has turned pink?

A person putting on a white shirt that is stained with bleach in water

It’s not easy to get a bleach stain out, is it?

And even less when it turned pink!

To make it disappear, there are two schools.

– Either we treat evil with evil.

That is to say, we take his stained garment… And we soak it in more concentrated bleach.

But be aware that it needs to be soaked for a long time.

Do not hesitate to leave it in its bleach bath for a whole night.

Then, we rinse it and put it in the washing machine, as usual.

Hopefully the pink spots are gone.

But obviously, this only works on white linen:

Sheets, towels, t-shirts or shirts white.

And the material must not be too fragile.

Otherwise there is a risk that the textile will not withstand prolonged contact with this stripping product.

– Either we try to remove the pink stain withacetone.

A friend told me that it was effective on a garment.

Simply soak the stains with pure acetone, then wash the garment as usual.

Natural and effective alternatives to bleach

A spray bottle containing bleach with other natural ingredients

As we often say, prevention is better than cure.

And if these pink spots are a real headache to make them go away, it is better to avoid making them appear!

Logical, right?

For this, the easiest way is to do not bleach !

You probably know that it is a toxic chemical for your health and the environment.

Using bleach on a daily basis is simply dangerous.

So how do you remove stubborn stains (grass, perspiration, red wine, blood, rust, etc.)?

Note that there are natural alternatives.

And rest assured…

They give completely satisfactory results for disinfecting and removing encrusted stains.

Indeed, simple and easy to make recipes allow you to make homemade bleach.

And to whiten laundry that tends to yellow…

Some natural products are extremely effective in whitening laundry without bleach.

I am thinking in particular of baking soda or baking soda both of which give excellent results.

Your turn…

Do you know of any other reasons why a bleach stain turns pink? Share them with us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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