Why Does Your Bed room Odor So Unhealthy within the Morning (And What Can You Do About It)?


But why are there bad smells in the room the morning ?

Every day it’s the same story…

In the evening, we go to bed: nothing to report. No bad smells.

In the morning, we get up and yuck… It really doesn’t smell good.

It’s very unpleasant early in the morning. And it must be said a little embarrassing.

But where do these foul odors come from?

And above all, how to get rid of it once and for all?

I asked her opinion of a friend who works as a maid in a hotel.

And what she answered me is rather reassuring.

Why is there a bad smell in a room in the morning?

So why does a bedroom smell bad in the morning?

First of all, this is a fairly common phenomenon.

And it is not necessarily linked to a lack of hygiene of the occupants.

Rather reassuring, isn’t it?

Even if you go to bed clean after taking a shower, odors can still creep in at night.

In question ?

Basically body odors.

When we sleep, we sweat… a lot!

It is a natural phenomenon that allows the body to regulate its smell.

So if you sleep in a closed room, a smell stagnates and becomes encrusted.

If we add to that sheets that have not been changed for a few days…

Or dirty laundry lying on the floor.

And worse, a dog sleeping in your room!

You have a cocktail of the most unpleasant stubborn odors.

Stuffy, damp, perspiration or even moldy…

To sum up in two words: it stinks!

How to remove bad smells from the bedroom? Ventilate!

The good news is that it is not inevitable!

There are simple solutions to eliminate them.

And what’s more, they are natural and free!

The easiest solution is also the most effective:

You should air your room every morning.

Yes, even if it is very cold outside in winter.

We get up, we dress warmly, we turn off the heating and, presto, we open the windows wide.

This is the first reflex to adopt.

Ventilate 5 to 10 minutes every day to renew the air in the room.

It’s a minimum.

If it really freezes outside… Ventilate several times for 5 min.

That way the bedroom walls don’t have time to get cold.

This tip is valid for the bedroom of adults, but also that of teenagers and children or babies!

How to avoid bad smells in the bedroom?

To limit the appearance of these odors, you can also take a few simple measures.

– Start by lowering the temperature of your room at night. The correct temperature is a maximum of 18°C.

– Change your sheets regularly. This may surprise you. But we have to change them 1 time per week.

– Immediately put your dirty clothes in the dirty laundry basket and wash them quickly.

– Invite your dog to sleep elsewhere than in your room (or worse your bed)!

– Remember to wash your mattress every six months, as well as carpets and curtains.

– You can also make your own homemade air freshener to keep the room always smelling good.

– And finally, you can install a air purifier.

Your turn…

Do you know any other tricks to stop your bedroom smelling bad? Give your opinion in comment. We can’t wait to read you!

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