Why is it advisable to take a vinegar foot bathtub?


It is easily found in our kitchens and for good reason, vinegar is a real domestic Swiss Army knife. Today, it is its beauty virtues that are in the spotlight, especially to take care of our feet. Spotlight on this natural ally who wants you well.

4 problems that can harm our feet

We sometimes tend to forget them. However, they represent our first means of transport and carry all our weight. Confronted with multiple assaults that we often fail to take into account, the feet can also suffer from health problems, like other parts of our body. So let’s take the time to better understand the risks to which they are exposed on a daily basis.

Foot bath against fungal infections

Foot bath against fungal infections – source: spm

  1. Yeast infection

Yeast infection of the foot, also known as “athlete’s foot” is a condition that develops when the skin becomes infected with a fungus of microscopic size. This usually results in peeling of the skin and the presence of cuts between the toes. Among the factors most likely to favor its appearance are humidity and heat. Thereby, wearing tight shoes that prevent the evacuation of perspiration can be the cause, as well as the fact of walking barefoot in humid places which favor the development of fungi, such as swimming pools or sports locker rooms. For this purpose, here is 11 tips to prevent the appearance of yeast infection.

Foot bath against crevices

Foot bath against crevices – source: spm

  1. Crevasses

Cracks usually appear in the heel and are related to dry skin. Aside from certain genetic factors or diseases, they can also result fromexcessive pressure on the foot, especially when standing for too long, wearing open shoes that promote excessive dehydration or poor personal hygiene.

Foot bath against warts

Foot bath against warts – source: spm

  1. The warts

Warts are growths in the epidermis, often considered minor and resulting from an infection of the skin caused by HPV, the human papillomavirus. Usually, they appear on the sole of the foot and are gray, even yellowish or brown in color. They do not appear systematically after contact with the virus but can be favored by certain factors. These include: cuts, cracks in rough skin or sweaty feet or soggy skin after bathing.

Asked by our colleagues from Doctissimo, Dr Dominique Penso-Assathiany, dermatologist, member of the French Society of Dermatology indicates that plantar warts viruses especially thrive in humid and hot places. The risk of contagion is therefore high in showers, swimming pools or even changing rooms. For this reason, it is recommended to always wear sandals to protect against infection. In addition, some tips from grandmother consider that garlic can help remove warts.

Foot bath against corns and calluses

Foot bath against corns and calluses – source: spm

  1. Corns and calluses

Calluses, corns and calluses result in thickening of the skin on the foot. They are linked to repetitive friction or pressure which can cause unpleasant pain. People who have flat or hollow feet, or suffer from a hallux valgus, commonly known as a bunion, are at greater risk of having it. because their way of walking is changed. This can therefore create additional pressure zones in certain places, especially since shoes that are unsuitable for these conditions can increase the risk of friction.

Now that you know some of the annoyances that can harm your feet, let’s move on to a trick to take care of them.

How to prepare a vinegar foot bath?

If the vinegar and more particularly apple cider vinegar is a great ally against health problems that can harm your feet is because it has formidable properties to fight bacteria and fungi. According to a item published by Scientific Reports, apple cider vinegar has effective antibacterial activity, in addition to antifungal properties as demonstrated by this study.

Cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar – Source: spm

To benefit from it, here is what you will need to prepare your foot bath:

  • 1 basin of lukewarm water
  • 2 cup cider vinegar
  • Coarse salt
  • A few drops of essential oil (optional)

Preparation tips :

To prepare your foot bath, start by mixing all the ingredients in your basin. Then soak your feet in it for 10 minutes. Once this period has elapsed, rub them delicately with a pumice stone then rinse and dry thoroughly, especially between the toes. You can then hydrate them and put on socks to find soft and smooth feet!

If you suffer from warts, it is recommended not to reuse the pumice stone a second time because it can become a vector of transmission.


This foot bath is not indicated for people with diabetes because it could worsen their condition.

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