Why Ought to You Put Bay Leaves Beneath the Pillow?


Have you ever put bay leaves under the pillow?

Nope ? That’s a shame !

Especially if you can’t sleep…

Why ? Because it’s a natural trick for a good night’s sleep.

This is a very old practice used by our grandmothers.

And maybe she’s not that weird.

Indeed, the benefits of laurel are indeed numerous.

It allows you to sleep better without taking medication.

Here’s how to use this grandmother’s remedy. Look :

Bay leaves under the pillow for better sleep

Among all the virtues of this plant, there is one that particularly interests you…

Especially if you have trouble sleeping!

Yes, the laurel has the reputation of being a effective natural sedative.

That is to say, it promotes sleep naturally.

It is therefore the ideal plant to use if you have an insomnia problem or simply have trouble falling asleep.

In particular, it lowers blood pressure and heart pressure.

And it soothes and de-stresses.

So why deprive yourself of this natural and safe remedy?

This avoids having to resort to drugs that are expensive and can have undesirable side effects.

Not to mention that its use is really very simple.

How to use bay leaves for better sleep?

To improve sleep, it is better to use dried leaves.

For that, it’s simple.

Either you buy already dried and it’s super convenient.

Either you can pick a few branches directly from the tree.

It’s even cheaper than at Carrefour 😉

Rinse them and lay them flat in the open air in your home.

And you wait ten days.

Once your leaves are dry, take one or two.

And just slip them under your pillow.

This simple gesture can allow you to have more restful sleep.

It even seems that it helps to have sweet dreams!

You can also make one infusion before going to bed.

This further improves the effectiveness of this grandmother’s remedy for a good night’s sleep.

Do not confuse oleander with laurel sauce!

Attention ! There is oleander and laurel sauce.

These two plants should not be confused.

– The oleander is an ornamental plant that produces beautiful pink or white flowers in summer. These shrubs have long narrow leaves. On the other hand, it should not be eaten, because this plant is toxic. It’s a poison recognized.

– The bay leaf is also a shrub with wider, dark green leaves. There are often small black balls on this shrub.

It is its dried leaves that are found in bouquets garnis. They bring a strong flavor.

It’s a aromatic plant commonly used in the kitchen.

They can replace salt. They are used in sauce dishes, marinades, tomato sauces, stews, stuffings…

It is also an excellent natural food moth repellent.

And it is this plant that helps you improve your sleep quickly.

Your turn…

Have you tested this economical trick to sleep better? Comment in the comments to find out if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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