Why Ought to You Cease Ingesting Ice Water? 12 Unknown Risks.


Yes, according to doctors, cold water has negative effects on health.

And it’s true that since I no longer drink ice water in the summer, I digest much better!

here are the 12 health hazards of ice water that no one knows about. Look :

1. Slows Digestion

a woman holds her stomach because of digestion problem

Drink a glass of ice water during the meal disrupts digestion.

It’s logic !

Very cold water lowers the temperature of the food bowl.

What is the food bolus?

It’s all the food we have in our stomachs.

Cold water tends to solidify fats.

This is what makes digestion more difficult and long.

2. Makes you bloated and constipated

a glass of ice water in front of plants held by a person

Even if you drink ice water between meals, it can have negative consequences for your digestion.

This has the effect of constricting the blood vessels.

As a result, nutrients are less well absorbed and intestinal transit is disrupted.

Most of the time, we end up with bloating or constipation.

That’s why they say ice water makes your belly fat!

3. Worsens toothache

a woman with a glass of water holds her cheek because of a toothache

Strictly speaking, freezing water is not the cause of toothache.

However, it can make it worse.

You are subject todental hypersensitivity ?

Cold on sensitive teeth can cause pain comparable to small electric shocks.

Not very nice !

If the enamel of your teeth is weakened or your gums retracted, it is the same.

A cold drink attacks nerve endings.

And that hurts !

4. Gives headaches and migraines

a glass of ice water in front of a green landscape

You may have already experienced this phenomenon:

A sudden headache after drinking an ice cold drink.

These brief pains in the forehead and temples are caused by the ingestion of very, very cold food…

Like ice water.

This is called « brain freeze ».

Be aware that a very cold drink can also accentuate a migraine.

It is therefore not recommended to drink it during a migraine attack.

5. Causes sore throat and runny nose

a person fills a glass of ice water with a bottle

Drinking very cold drinks can cause a cold or sore throat.

In fact, the mechanism is the same as in winter.

Frozen water cools the body.

To warm up, the body produces more mucus.

As a result, we have a runny nose!

But that’s not all…

It can also lead to greater susceptibility to ENT (otolaryngological) diseases.

These diseases are not strictly speaking caused by cold water.

But mucus buildup is heaven for bacteria.

They love to grow there.

Sore throat, earache, cold, sore throat, nasopharyngitis…

It’s as if we had caught a cold in winter!

6. Lowers our energy

a person drinks a glass of ice water with a red down arrow

You probably know that the ideal body temperature is 37°C.

Whatever the situation, our body makes sure to maintain this temperature.

This is the role of metabolism.

When you drink very cold water, it lowers your body temperature.

And our body has to struggle to bring it back up.

It concentrates energy to do this important task.

This energy expenditure is done at the expense of other functions:

Digestion, immune defenses or the fight against free radicals…

7. Disrupts Heart Rhythm

a glass of water with ice cubes seen from above on a wooden table

Studies have shown that drinking very cold water decreases heart rate.

It is the vagus nerve that regulates heart rate.

And when you drink very cold water, you stimulate it.

The consequence is the sudden drop in heart rate.

The problem is that in the worst case, it can end up causing discomfort.

But for all that, we do not risk a heart attack after drinking ice water.

8. Attacks the body after sport

a glass of ice water with dumbbells

When you play sports, you increase your metabolism and your body temperature.

If you drink an ice cold drink right after a sports session, the shock will be too great.

The organism feels this as an attack.

And that can lead to a stomach ache or digestive problems.

9. Causes joint pain

a glass of ice water on a table with two yellow lemons

In some people, ingesting a very cold drink can also cause joint pain.

This is especially the case for people with rheumatism.

So if you have joint pain, it is better to avoid very cold drinks during the summer…

10. Decreases Drug Effectiveness

a glass of ice water with medicine

As we have seen, ice water slows down digestion.

Thus, if you swallow medicines and a glass of ice water, you digest them less well.

And your body assimilates them less quickly.

So they become less efficient.

11. And during pregnancy?

a pregnant woman pours herself a glass of water

You may have read here or there that a pregnant woman should not drink ice water.

This would entail risks for the course of pregnancy, baby’s health and childbirth.

Don’t worry !

Taking ice water when you are pregnant does not no impact on the smooth progress of your pregnancy and childbirth.

You are not more likely to hemorrhage or have a big baby.

On the other hand, as we have seen, it disturbs digestion. Whether you are pregnant or not!

And like the digestive problems are already numerous during a pregnancy, there is no need to add an additional risk!

12. And during menstruation?

a woman places her hands on her stomach

Having your period can be accompanied by digestive disorders.

Diarrhea, constipation, stomach aches…

And now you know…

A very cold drink upsets digestion, which can accentuate digestive problems.

So, like everyone else, it’s best to avoid ice water!

But rest assured though.

It does not affect menstrual flow.

True, it is not recommended to drink very cold water.

But of course, this does not prevent you from drinking temperate or cool water all day long.

Staying well hydrated is essential for your health.

Furthermore, you should also know that cold water also has positive effects about health :

To improve sleep, relieve hemorrhoids, lighten heavy legs…

But in general, cold water, even ice water, is used in local external application.

Your turn…

Do you know of any other health harms of ice water? Share them with us in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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