You need to sing a love track to your spouse – when it begins, Simon Cowell cannot take it anymore


Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have applied to various talent programs around the world.

For those on the jury or sitting in the audience, you never really know what to expect.

So when Peter Panduranga from Germany traveled to England to compete in the UK Talent competition, expectations were high.

Before starting his audition, he says he composed a song for his great love.

The jury sits up and waits to hear what he has to offer.

When he sets the tone, it’s a total failure for Simon Cowell.

I like to see when people, regardless of age, choose to bet it all.

They don’t want to live a lifetime without knowing what it might have been like had they invested in their great talent.

I really admire their needs and therefore I can also envy those who are allowed to sit in various jury groups around the world.

They have the chance to sit on the first floor and see how the stars light up, and see that moment when a whole world opens up to the diamond in the rough in front of them.

But sometimes auditions don’t always go as you might think.

A charmed jury

When Peter Panduranga applied for British ‘Talent’, expectations were very high.

He had left Germany to invite the whole world to a great celebration of love.

But first, of course, he wants to charm the jury.

Thus, when he goes on stage, he begins by thanking Simon Cowell for having created « Talent ».

And it doesn’t take long for Simon to burst into a smile.
It’s actually hard for any member of the jury or the audience not to be charmed by Peter.

Then he says he traveled thousands of miles for a special reason.

He has been composing for 30 years a special song for his great love, his wife.

The jury will be impressed and can’t wait to hear what this charming character has created.

But it’s unlike anything they’ve heard.

The performance surprises the jury

At first, it feels like the jury is trying to listen to the music, but very quickly, they can’t get over it.

Peter sings while playing the violin.

They’re far from impressed with Peter’s singing, and it doesn’t take long for two of the jurors to pounce on the button to send him home.

Simon Cowell, who is otherwise usually tough as nails, is struggling to hold back and it isn’t long before he bursts out laughing.

He tries for a long time to restrain himself, but it does not work.
Even the audience doesn’t seem to know what to do. On the contrary, they look shocked by Peter’s hearing.

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