Your ally for cleansing home windows and mirrors.


Fingerprints, rain marks, stains of all kinds…

Windows and mirrors are often much dirtier than you would like.

In addition, it requires going to buy expensive, toxic and not always effective cleaning products…

What do I call very dirty windows? Already, those through which we no longer see the light of day…

Then, those that have a lot of traces of rain or dust.

And finally, the ones that have things stuck on them that are hard to remove. Christmas stencils for example!

How to do

– Put in 1/2 volume of water, 1 volume of Meudon white and two small soap crumbs.

– Mix well to make a kind of milk then brush your surface with it.

– Let dry completely, then rub with a little water to clean. There should be nothing left.

2. For greasy windows


If your mirror (or glass) is greasy with fingerprints, cream or whatever else, then the treatment is a little different.

How to do

– Put in a container 1/3 of white Meudon, 1/3 of white vinegar, and 1/3 of alcohol at 90°. No need for huge quantities.

– With this mixture and a clean cloth, rub the dirty places.

– Then pass a dry cloth to remove everything.

The light of day is yours! You will even be able to see your reflection!

For even more cleanliness, you can even finish with newspaper.

Your turn…

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